The Thompson submachine gun invented by General John T. Thompson at the tail end of WW I was designed to give soldiers a one-man, hand-held machine gun for trench warfare. The weapon did not go into production in time for WW I but did gain notoriety during the Prohibition era. Thompson submachine guns were used extensively by both law enforcement officers and criminals alike. During this time the weapon earned several nicknames including “Tommy Gun”, “Chopper”, and “Chicago Typewriter”. In 1938 the Thompson was adopted by the U.S. military for use during WW II. Thompsons were used extensively by Allied forces in both the Pacific and European theaters. Although the weapon was seen by many as overly heavy, its rugged designed and firepower made it highly popular with troops.

There are few guns with the mystic of the Thompson M1A1 submachine gun. Developed at the end of first World War, this powerful firearm was quickly snapped up by the criminals of the 1920 and 30s for use in bank robberies, bootlegging and gangland murders. During the second World War the tommy gun was used by every branch of the armed services. With popular videos games like the Call of Duty, and Battlefield series the Thompson M1A1 is more recognizable than ever.

Is An Airsoft Tommy Right For You

An Airsoft Tommy is a great gun for anyone interested in historical reenactments, but is also great for someone looking for a high powered, fully automatic airsoft gun. All of the Airsoft Tommy guns we offer are almost completely metal, and the Tokyo Marui version even uses real wood. So, if you are looking for a tough, durable and ageless airsoft gun, look no further than the airsoft tommy.

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