Synthetic Human Growth Hormone

The Facts About Synthetic Human Growth Hormone

HGH is an abbreviation for Human Growth Hormone. This is a naturally produced hormone that is excreted from the pituitary gland. The purpose of this growth hormone is to facilitate growth and cell production. When the pituitary gland does not produce enough of this hormone the body does not grow as it should. When this problem occurs a child does not meet the usual height and weight requirements for their age.

It is important that our bodies receive the adequate amount of this hormone. Although growth is the main function of the Human Growth Hormone, it is not the only benefit. This particular hormone allows the body to retain calcium and therefore keep bones well mineralized. It also helps the internal organs to grow properly. Increased muscle mass and a stimulated immune system also benefit from HGH. Unfortunately, if the body does not produce enough of this hormone all of the benefits that have been mentioned will not occur. There is hope in the form of Synthetic Human Growth Hormone.

What Scientists Have To Say About Synthetic Human Growth Hormone

Members of the scientific community have come up with alternate therapies to replace the growth hormone. Taking the hormone from the pituitary gland of cadavers was the first type of therapy used. Unfortunately, it was found to cause problems in patients and the therapy was stopped. In 1985 a biosynthetic HGH was introduced as a replacement therapy for patients. This hormone is used to treat deficiencies in HGH by injecting it into the muscles of patients on a regular basis. This not only helped the children grow, but it also increased their muscle mass. These HGH injections have also had good results in adults who have diseases of the pituitary gland and those that have problems from growth hormone deficiency during childhood.

Physicians are using the Synthetic Growth Hormone for many reasons that do not pertain to deficiency. Growth hormone is being used to help MS patients go into remission. It is also used to treat muscle wasting diseases such as AIDS. Physicians have also used this therapy to help treat Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, heart disease and ulcerative colitis.

None Medical Uses

This therapy has also been used for non-medical purposes. Growth hormones have been used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass. It is also been used for weight loss purposes, and as anti-aging treatments. Studies have shown that this therapy has improved muscle mass in the elderly. Athletes also use the hormone for building muscle mass and improved performance. This has raised controversy in the world of sports.

Synthetic Human Growth Hormone is a great therapy for those that are deficient. Its benefits outweigh the risks that come with any synthetic medication. It has been used over the years and the therapy is beneficial to treat those with many different types of diseases.

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