Synthetic Human Growth Hormone Injections

Effective Alternatives to Synthetic Human Growth Hormone Injections

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is produced in the pituitary gland, which is a pea-sized gland located in the base of the brain. This hormone is responsible for normal growth in children and adolescents. Human Growth hormone helps maintain tissues and organs by aiding in tissue repair and cellular regeneration, and boosting the immune system.

In early childhood, Human Growth Hormone is at its highest levels in our bodies. After a major growth spurt and puberty, the levels of this hormone that are produced begin to decline. As we continue to age, the levels of this hormone being produced continue to decline. This is a large part of the aging process, such as lower energy and sex drive, low bone density, and hair loss.

Advantages of Synthetic Human Growth Hormone Injections

Companies producing synthetic Human Growth Hormone have been in the news lately, stating that it can help slow or even reverse the aging process. Synthetic Human Growth Hormone injections are available by prescription for adults that are HGH deficient. Although signs and symptoms vary from person to person, adults with a growth hormone deficiency may experience a decline in energy levels, metabolic changes, or an impairment in psychological well being. These hormone injections, many times, help them get their lives back on track and feel young again.

Synthetic Human Growth Hormone injections can help some adults have an increase in bone density, muscle mass, and exercise capability. A decrease in body fat is also a result of these injections. Some adults have even reported thicker hair growth, a reduction in wrinkles, a better libido, and easier, more restful sleep.

Alternatives to Synthetic Human Growth Hormone Injections

For some, the expense of HGH injections is just too much. The cost can run up towards $3,000 per month. So, some companies have been searching for an affordable, effective alternative to injections. Two of the best and most well known alternatives are Sytropin HGH and GenF20, which not only eliminate the cost of these injections, but also the need for a prescription. Now, because of products like these, just about anyone can enjoy the benefits of Human Growth Hormone.

Sytropin is an FDA compliant oral HGH spray, available without a prescription, that allows Human Growth Hormone into your blood stream through the membranes of your mouth. This allows for greater absorption of the spray’s main ingredients. With Sytropin, you get every benefit of a synthetic Human Growth Hormone, but without the pain, hassle, and outrageous expense of injections. In fact, a one month supply will cost you around $60, and you have the added security of a money back guarantee.

GenF20 is another alternative to injections of Human Growth Hormone. These pills do not contain the hormone itself, but rather a Human Growth Hormone releaser. This means that it will stimulate your body to release more of your Human Growth Hormone. GenF20 is a dietary HGH supplement, which contains a combination of peptides, nutrients, and amino acids that have been scientifically proven to safely and naturally encourage your body to release your own Human Growth Hormone. Like Sytropin, it is also available without a prescription and comes with a money back guarantee.

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