Synthetic Growth Hormone

The Pros and Cons of Synthetic Growth Hormone Products

Years ago, scientists noticed that human growth hormone (HGH) was lacking and was causing several issues in children who were not reaching the weight and height they should have at their particular age. A deficiency in growth hormone can be a partial or total condition, which may result in impaired physical development. A total deficiency is many times found when a child is an infant. When born, a baby’s weight and height are normal, but between three and nine months, the growth rate reduces. Weight gain begins to slow, development of teeth is delayed and a thick layer of fat will begin to form under the skin.

To fix this problem, scientists discovered a way to make synthetic growth hormone, meant to make up for the lack of hormone not created by the pituitary gland. Growth hormone that has human origins is now being replaced by a peptide that is identical and made with recombinant DNA technology. This synthetic growth hormone that is produced and collected from humans can now be created in much larger quantities.

The growth hormone, one hormone that the pituitary produces, is a smaller gland found on the brains’ underside. Other hormones that are released by different parts of the brain control the secretion of the growth hormone. As this hormone enters the bloodstream, the liver is stimulated to secrete another hormone. Elderly people naturally produce less amounts of growth hormones than younger people do. Possible causes for growth hormone deficiency include a genetic defect, which rarely occurs, lack of oxygen when born, diseases in the liver, brain or pituitary gland, hormone receptor abnormalities and an autoimmune attack.

Growth hormone can only be taken by prescription. It is now approved for adults with growth hormone deficiency, not for adults who are expecting a decline to due aging. Growth hormone can also be taken by children with kidney problems, short stature, Prader-Willi syndrome, muscle wasting and Turner’s syndrome.

Studies performed on adults with growth hormone deficiency have shown that injection of this hormone provides many benefits. Because of these many results, some people now believe that synthetic growth hormone can help older healthy adults with naturally low growth hormone levels regain youth and vitality.

Benefits of Synthetic Growth Hormone

  1. Increased muscle mass
  2. Increased bone density
  3. Increase in the heart’s contract ability
  4. Decreased body fat
  5. Increase in exercise capacity
  6. Improvement in motivation and mood.

The Synthetic Growth Hormone was created for people whose bodies were not growing the way they were supposed to be because of a damaged or malfunctioned pituitary gland. It was not created for people just looking to take advantages of it many health benefits that it provides.

Synthetic Growth Hormone Side Effects

  1. The pituitary gland begins to not work as well
  2. Fluid retention
  3. Pain in the joints
  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  5. Acromegaly
  6. Enlarged breasts in men
  7. Liver damage

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