Somatropin Cost

Comparing The Average Somatropin Cost To Natural HGH Supplements

Somatropin is a synthetic human growth hormone

Somatropin Cost

Since Somatropin comes in injectable form, it tends to cost much more than natural HGH supplements such as GenF20 or Sytopin. Due to the high cost of this form of HGH and the need for a prescription, many people are discovering that HGH in supplement form is effective and provides the results that that they desire. There are many brands of Somatropin with prices ranging according to each brand. Some brands are more potent than others with costs reflecting this. Somatropin comes in vials normally with 8 IUs per vial. Normal dosages are usually somewhere between 5 to 8 IUs daily depending on the doctor’s prescription. With the average Somatropin cost of 10 vials at $500.00 this can cost $50.00 each day which is a low estimate compared to some brands of Somatropin costing double this amount. This type of growth hormone can also have many side effects, especially when just beginning use. Some of these include visual disturbances, headaches, shortness of breath and allergic reactions. Side effects do vary with individuals and the dosages they are taking.

Somatropin Cost Compared to Natural HGH Supplements

With the cost of Somatropin, most individuals find that a more cost efficient choice of HGH is GenF20. This product is a fraction of the Somatropin cost at $50.00 for a month’s supply compared to $50.00 a day. It also provides effective anti-aging results with minimal risks of side effects. GenF20 can increase muscle mass, speed up metabolism, lower cholesterol, improve sleep and diminish wrinkles along with other positive anti-aging benefits. Two tablets taken twice a day provide effective results, which is easier than mixing up an injectable and having to inject oneself. Each tablet is also enteric coated to prevent stomach problems. Another top selling HGH supplement is Sytopin which is used sublingually under the tongue to provide quick release of HGH into the bloodstream. An average price for a bottle of Sytopin is around $59.95. Recommended dosage is 2 sprays each morning held under the tongue for 2 minutes and 4 sprays at night for maximum benefits. Each bottle is a one month supply, which is a great deal when compared to Somatropin costs.

Although Somatropin is identical in form compared to human HGH, with its high price tag and its many serious side effects, choosing a natural HGH supplement such as GenF20 or Sytopin can be a better choice for people who want the anti-aging benefits of HGH without the high costs and side effects of an injectable.

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