Somatropin – A Layman’s Introduction

Somatropin has been used in the United States as a weight loss supplement and muscle growth supplement for the last eight years. Orignally, somatopin was biologically active and extracted from cadavers, making it hard to obtain.

In recent years synthetic somatropin has been developed that is more cost effective as well as being safer that the natural growth hormone previously used. Synthetic somatropin has the added advantage of being approved by the FDA.

Somatropin, also known as Human Growth Hormone or HGH, is a substance that naturally occurs in the pituitary gland. An effective somatropin dosage has been used medically to help children with growth conditions, to combat the muscle wasting that occurs in HIV patents, and is also used to treat pituitary deficient dwarfism.

More recently, effective somatropin dosages have been used in weight loss programs, and as a muscle enhancer in body building. Effective somatropin dosages have been found to reduce fat and build muscle mass.

How Somatropin Works

Somatropin is processed through the liver, producing a substance called IGF-1. IGF-1 regulates the amount of insulin produced by the body as well as slowing the body’s ability to store glucose.

The result is that the body uses the glucose it has already stored for energy, burning fat in the process. In fact, effective somatropin dosages not only use stored glucose for energy, they prevent the body from storing more glucose in the first place. This causes the body to use stored fat for energy.

Somatropin causes protein to be deposited in the body. In addition to causing the body to use stored fat for energy, somatropin also increases the number of muscle cells in the body. This makes somatropin a popular supplement for body builders who want to lose fat and gain muscle mass.

Sytropin and GenF20 are two of the best overall HGH supplements that can be found on the market today for losing fat and building muscle mass.
Some supplements claim to have somatropin as an ingredient in their product when, in fact, they do not contain the product at all, or in such small doses that it is ineffective for body building use.

It is important, therefore to buy this supplement from a reputable dealer who sells high quality products like Sytropin and GenF20.

The Dangers of Somatropin

There are, in fact, serious negative side effects. Some of the side effects include irregular breathing, nausea, diarrhea, urination difficulties, urinating with blood, loss of hair, and gum bleeding.

Some of the less serious side effects include congestion, constipation, rashes, and difficulties swallowing. Plus, there are more side effects in each category. However, many of these can go away after a while.

Your body may just need to adjust to a new drug, which is normal. With that said, if you experience severe side effects over a long time period, then you should consider trying somatropin in an alternate form. You can get it as an oral spray, an injection, or a tablet, and you could try a different manufacturer if necessary.

It may seem as if these side effects are really bad, but this is normal. Any drug can cause serious problems for the person taking it. For example, antidepressants are known to worsen depression and increase suicidal thoughts.

In addition, anti-anxiety medications have been known to worsen anxiety, or send someone so far in the opposite direction that they become uninhibited in a socially unacceptable manner.

These are very serious side effects, but it does not stop anyone from taking them. The point is that all medications can cause serious side effects, but usually they will go away after a while.

If not, then a new drug is tried until the right one is found. Lastly, more often than not, a person won’t experience any side effects. The only way to find out is to try.

Comparing Somatropin To Natural HGH Supplements

Since Somatropin comes in injectable form, it tends to cost much more than natural HGH supplements such as GenF20 or Sytopin. Due to the high cost of this form of HGH and the need for a prescription, many people are discovering that HGH in supplement form is effective and provides the results that that they desire.

There are many brands of Somatropin with prices differing between brands. Some brands are more potent than others with costs reflecting this. Somatropin comes in vials normally with 8 IUs per vial.

Normal dosages are usually somewhere between 5 to 8 IUs daily depending on the doctor’s prescription. With the average Somatropin cost of 10 vials at $500.00 this can cost $50.00 each day which is a low estimate compared to some brands of Somatropin costing double this amount.

This type of growth hormone can also have many side effects, especially when just beginning to use. Some of these include visual disturbances, headaches, shortness of breath and allergic reactions. Side effects do vary with individuals and the dosages they are taking.

Somatropin Cost Compared to Natural HGH Supplements

With the cost of Somatropin, most individuals find that a more cost efficient choice of HGH is GenF20. This product is a fraction of the Somatropin cost at $50.00 for a month’s supply compared to $50.00 a day. It also provides effective anti-aging results with minimal risks of side effects.

GenF20 can increase muscle mass, speed up metabolism, lower cholesterol, improve sleep and diminish wrinkles along with other positive anti-aging benefits. Two tablets taken twice a day provide effective results, which is easier than mixing up an injectable and having to inject oneself.

Each tablet is also enteric coated to prevent stomach problems. Another top selling supplement is Sytropin which is used sublingually under the tongue to provide quick release of HGH into the bloodstream.

An average price for a bottle of Sytropin is around $59.95. Recommended dosage is 2 sprays each morning held under the tongue for 2 minutes and 4 sprays at night for maximum benefits. Each bottle is a one month supply, which is a great deal when compared to Somatropin costs.

Although Somatropin is identical in form compared to human HGH, with its high price tag and its many serious side effects, choosing a natural HGH supplement such as GenF20 or Sytopin can be a better choice for people who want the benefits of HGH without the high costs and side effects of an injectable.

Understanding The Correct Somatropin Dosage

Sytropin is the best HGH spray available, and GenF20 is the best overall HGH supplement that can be bought. The effective somatropin dosage is about 2 I. U. injected 2-4 times per week.

The length of time sompatorin is taken depends largely on how long the body builder or athlete can afford to purchase it. Some take somatropin for as little as 6 weeks. Others use effective somatropin dosages year round as a part of their training.

Either way, adding somatropin to a professional level body building program aids the athlete in losing excess fat and building muscle mass along with a weight lifting program.

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