Somatroph vs. Sytropin – You Be The Judge

The human growth hormone, also commonly referred to as HGH, is the hormone that causes cell generation and also causes the human body to grow. HGH is created by the pituitary gland, which is part of the brain stem, and regulates many of the body’s hormones.

HGH is produced in large amounts within children and young adults, as they are experiencing the most growth. As the body reaches physical maturity, the pituitary gland then begins to produce a decreased amount of the human growth hormone.

This reduced hormone production steadily decreases as an adult gets older, which prompts the body to age and experience many of the unpleasant effects of aging.

Because the aging process is brought on by a lack of HGH, many people choose to provide their body with a HGH supplement that will increase production of HGH, and therefore slow the aging process.

Those who are interested in increasing their levels of HGH and reaping it’s anti-aging benefits, have a few options to consider.

Currently, HGH supplements fall into three main categories. These categories are artificial HGH injections, supplements that supply homeopathic HGH, and supplements that stimulate the body into producing its own HGH.

What Is Somatroph?

Many people who have come across Somatroph reviews, are more than a little confused. Most of this confusion surrounding Somatroph is caused by the unclear and questionable statements made by those marketing the product.

While Somatroph claims to work as an HGH releaser, the ingredients that this product contains clearly state otherwise. The main ingredients used in Somatroph, are L-Dopa, GABA, and Nicinamide.

While the immediate problem with these ingredients is that Somatroph cannot possibly contain pure L-Dopa, as it is a drug, with the amounts of these ingredients, used in the formula are so low that it could not possibly be an effective product.

While makers of Somatroph, make some fabulous and powerful claims as to the effectiveness of their product, this product is just one of many ineffective HGH supplements available.

Safe And Effective Alternative To Somatropin

While Somatroph is much of a disappointment to those who really wish to raise their levels of HGH, there are effective alternatives available. One effective alternative to Somatroph is a product called Sytropin, which I have used personally.

Sytropin is an oral hgh spray, composed of safe, natural, and legal ingredients, that is not known to produce any unwanted side effects.

Additionally, Sytropin is formulated with a perfect blend of amino acids, proteins, and other herbs, in more than sufficient amounts, that work together to stimulate the body into producing and releasing a larger amount of the human growth hormone.

Use Sytropin, Not Somatropin

When I began to use Sytropin, I started to enjoy its many benefits within a few short weeks of use. With over an 80% effectiveness rate, I thankfully trusted that Sytropin would work for me.

I, fortunately have enjoyed gains in muscle mass, a decrease in my overall body fat, better sleep, more energy, my hair loss has stopped and has even begun to grow back, my wrinkles have started to disappear, my libido has returned, and my memory has improved.

I also enjoy better moods, stronger bones, and a strengthened immune system. Sytropin has provided me, along with thousands of other users, impressive results, which is what makes Sytropin one of the leaders of legal HGH supplements.

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