Somatroph HGH – A Brief Review

Somatroph HGH is a growth hormone stimulator. It comes in bottles of 60ml, which is a month’s supply. Each bottle contains the ingredients L-DOPA 50mg, 20mg GABA and 20mg Niacinmide.

This is per bottle so every drop contains a tiny amount of each as the 60ml bottle holds about 60 drops. Somatroph HGH is also called Nutropil Recombinex.

Is it really worth my time, effort, and money?

Well first off, it is a tad bit expensive compared to other HGH simulators, at about $80 for a month supply. Compared to prescriptions for Human Growth Hormone injections, it’s cheap.

Those will run about $2,000 for a month IF you can find a doctor to give them to you. The good thing is that it is available “over-the-counter”, freely on the web and in some stores. It’s easy to take but Sytropin’s nasal spray is easier and costs less.

Sytropin and Somatroph HGH may increase blood levels and pituitary output. It might be a very good solution for someone who wants to try Human Growth Hormone without a prescription for non-medical reasons, such as bodybuilding or for anti aging.

Somatroph on Bodybuilding Forums

There are many, many people talking about Somatroph HGH and other HGH products on several bodybuilding forums. Most of these people feel that there is truth to all the hype around HGH products.

The fact that HGH products can increase energy levels, muscle mass and general mood and sense of well being. Somatroph comes in a convenient liquid form while Sytropin, another very reputable HGH stimulator, which comes in a nasal spray, and is easier to take (no looking for something to mix it in or bad taste if put under your tongue).

The bottom line is that HGH simulators are considered by many to be powerful fat burners and muscle enhancers. Benefits of oral HGH simulators over growth hormone injections are the, way they work.

HGH simulators such as Somatroph and Sytropin increase the production of the Human Growth Hormone in your own pituitary gland like it used to be.

This will increase your levels of Human Growth Hormone and you will burn fat without dieting or exercise, get an improved sex drive, build muscle and help reverse the aging process. HGH stimulators are definitely worth trying.

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