Saizen Side Effects

Possible Saizen Side Effects

Saizen is considered a human growth horomone. It is created using recombinant DNA technology. The injection is made to resemble the human pituitary growth horomone which is responsible for lean muscle, bright skin and the horomone also fights against diseases and helps build the immune system. Saizen is created secreted straight through the cell membrane. Many health researchers studied the horomone on lab rats. The drug is usually given to children or adults who cannot produce enough growth horomones.

Side Effects

Some of the Saizen side effects mostly occur when being used with other ingredients. Some are just naturally allergic to Saizen while others get side effects when getting the injections while being treated for cancer. It is not recommended to use the horomone if you have vision problems due to diabetic retinopathy or another serious illness of the respiratory system (severe breathing issues). People with Prader-Willi syndrome is also warned against using Saizen.

Other Saizen side effects include dizziness, lung and breathing issues, hip or knee pain, or becoming sick suddenly. Elderly people should especially be careful when taking Saizen as they are at high risk for developing many of these symptoms. Pregnant women and children with Prader-Willi syndrome should seek the assistance of a medical doctor before taking Saizen.

Some of the more serious symptoms include headache, mild flu-like symptoms, hand and feet swelling, nerve tingling, runny nose, sleeping problems, joint pain and nausea. All of these symptoms are enough means to seek medical attnetion right away. Some symptoms that are often seen in children is ear infection or discomfort, trouble breathing and snoring while sleeping. While this is not a complete list of all the symptoms associated with this synthetic horomone, it covers a large majority of them.

Alternatives To Saizen

There are some alternatives available to those who want to avoid the Saizen side effects. Some of these alternatives include natural HGH products such as Sytropin and GenF20. Both are healthy and have been medically researched. Sytropin comes in the form of an oral spray. This type has been deemed as the most effective because the horomone is absorbed into the blood-stream more quickly since the membranes located in the mouth are so thin. Products like Genf20 and Sytropin are more natural and contain healthy ingredients such as amino acids and acai berries.

The Sytropin product is also healthier than Saizen, as it is more natural and comes in the form of a tablet, also known as supplements. These are also taken orally and can become effective in little to no time. These natural HGH products can improve skin and melt fat. The consumer will notice more lean muscle and an enhanced improvement in energy. They also don’t have a fraction of the symptoms that Saizen holds and doesn’t require rejections. Consumers can find HGH products and a variety of online pharmacies and reputable suppliers. For anyone who is looking to stay looking thin and want to get rid of wrinkles and improve energy, using Genf20 and/or Sytropin is a better option.

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