Saizen HGH

Saizen HGH: a safe and highly-effective growth hormone treatment

Despite its name, human growth hormone (HGH) is important during not only childhood and adolescence, but also for maintaining health in adult men and women of all ages. In addition to its properties in promoting the growth of bone, muscle, and skin in developing children, growth hormone in adults also regulates muscle growth and turnover, the disposition of body fat, the cardiovascular system, blood sugar and lipid (soluble fat) levels, bone mineral density and turnover, psychological function, and overall mortality. In addition, proper levels of growth hormone are also necessary for proper functioning of the immune system, for defense against the development of infectious diseases and cancer.

Growth hormone deficiency is a recognized condition in adults, and can be diagnosed with increased body fat, weight gain, decreased muscle mass, strength and endurance, coarse, thin and easily damaged skin, low energy levels, unfavorably high levels of blood sugar and lipids decreased mental clarity and focus, depressed mood, and a susceptibility to colds and other common infections.

Levels of growth hormone peak during adolescence and decline over the course of an adult’s life, and the decrease in blood levels of this important hormone may lead to many of the commonly-described effects of aging. Many individuals may either have undiagnosed adult growth hormone deficiency, or normal (yet low) levels of growth hormone, leading to the undesirable body effects described above.

Fortunately, growth hormone deficiency and low levels of HGH, are easily treated conditions. Recent medical advances have lead to the development of Saizen HGH. This is a highly-purified, clinically proven synthetic form of human growth hormone, manufactured using advanced biotechnology techniques. It is highly effective in reversing the effects of aging, increasing muscle mass, strength, endurance, reducing body fat, improving skin tone, immune function, as well as mental function and mood.

The Science Behind HGH Saizen HGH

Indeed, in placebo-controlled double blind clinical trials, treatment with Saizen reduced subcutaneous fat by thirteen percent, and total fat by thirty two percent, with an increase in mass of greater than ten percent. Moreover, bone mineral density also improved in individuals treated with HGH. Finally, individuals receiving this medication also reported an increase in mental clarity, sharpness, and well-being.

Unlike many other products which claim to promote levels of growth hormone in the body, Saizen HGH is a prescription medication. This is because it is not a precursor compound or an “releasing” agent, but instead purified synthetic growth hormone itself. Consequently, it has the advantage of not relying on the body’s internal stores of HGH, which may be low or depleted, and is suitable for all persons requiring supplemental growth hormone, regardless of their health status. Growth hormone is a protein (like many other proteins in food), and thus susceptible to breakdown by the acids and enzymes of the stomach and digestive tract. Thus, Saizen HGH is administered under the skin, either with a very small-gauge needle, or (even better) a painless needle-free device. Unlike other products claiming to promote growth hormone levels, this medication is therefore directly delivered into the bloodstream, ensuring reliably optimal levels of growth hormone with every dose. Saizen HGH is extremely safe, and side effects (in the few individuals who report them) are usually mild and transient, consisting of joint pain and muscle aches.

Users of this medication may begin to see effects within the first weeks of administration. Because of its long-lasting effects however, benefits may continue on for up to one to two months after a course of treatment; the duration of these benefits are another advantage of this medication versus many other competing products.

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