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How Much Does Saizen Cost vs. Other Top HGH Products

Growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland in the body, and important for the regulation of the body’s energy metabolism, muscle mass, bone density, blood sugar and lipid levels, and mental function. Deficiency of growth hormone in adults leads to increased levels of body fat, low energy, low muscle mass and strength, decreased concentration and focus, depressed mood, and a susceptibility to common infections. The levels of growth hormone spike during adolescence and puberty, and then gradually decrease with aging. Consequently, many adults are deficient for growth hormone, and candidates for supplementation to increase its levels.

An Overview of Saizen HGH

To address the need for individuals to optimize their levels of growth hormone, Saizen was developed. Unlike many nutritional supplements, which contain compounds designed to promote the body to release endogenous growth hormone stores, Saizen HGH is a highly-purified, synthetic form of growth hormone. It is manufactured using the latest pharmaceutical techniques, and is identical at the molecular level with the hormone as secreted by the body. The effects of Saizen have been evaluated in controlled clinical trials, and it is a highly-potent, United States FDA evaluated approved prescription medication, approved for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency in both children and adults.

How Much Does Saizen Cost?

Upon comparative evaluation of the product offerings of recombinant synthetic growth hormone (note: these are potent prescription medications, not over the counter nutritional supplements), Saizen cost as low as $18 per international unit (IU), making it far more economical than many other top HGH products, which may cost up to $40 or more per IU. Moreover, not all HGH products are the same: Saizen is noted for the high purity, quality, and potency of its HGH preparations, which are free of carriers, fillers, and contaminants. This ensures that the entirety of each individual dose is absorbed into the blood stream, making Saizen cost effective as compared with other top HGH products.

Users of Saizen HGH frequently observe an increase in energy, mental focus and sharpness, muscle strength, stamina, and endurance, and selective loss of body fat after as little as two to three weeks of treatment. Furthermore, because Saizen HGH is recombinant growth hormone and not a precursor product or releaser, it retains its potency in the body for as long as it is circulating. This effectively means that after a course of therapy, the recipient can expect to continue reaping the beneficial effects of this treatment for up to one to two months. Finally, the vast majority of individuals taking Saizen report no side effects; those who do encounter side effects report them to consist primarily of mild joint pain and muscle aches, which diminish over time. Because of its outstanding efficacy and stellar safety record, this medication is appropriate and indicated for individuals in all states of health.

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