Riddex Review: Does This Product Actually Work?

Tired of paying for the Exterminator? Tired of spending dollar after dollar on harsh chemicals and baits that could be dangerous to your children and/or pets? Tired of having a stranger comes into your home every month to spray chemicals everywhere, including in your kitchen?

Many people will try buying their own products at the local hardware store to alleviate insect and rodent problems. They end up spending a lot of time and money on these alternatives, to no avail.

If you have ever had someone come into your home or office to spray for pests, you realize that they have had to come to your home at least once per month, while you continue to pay them each month, and there are still signs of pests.

I hate bugs. I’m not scared of them (my wife would argue that I am) but I just hate them. Roaches, spiders, centipedes, ants, all those little creepy crawly things just irritate me.

We keep our house very clean, but it’s an old house, in an older neighborhood with a lovely wooded park nearby, but all that just increases the bug factor.

We hate to spray the bugs with anything strong enough to kill them because of our 2 year old daughter. That’s why when I heard about Riddex Plus, I had to try it.

Riddex has a line of exceptional pest protection products that can help you to deal with, and get rid of all types of pests including, roaches, bugs, rodents, and other forms of vermin.

Riddex works with pests both inside, and outside the home. Your only option to get a product with the quality equivalent to Riddex, is to hire an exterminator. Exterminators use heavy chemicals that are usually deemed dangerous.

If you choose to buy sprays from the drug store or the grocery store, you will still be using some major chemicals, and your results are not guaranteed. These chemicals that can be both irritating and harmful.

Riddex has digital products so that you don’t have to use heavy chemicals. You have many choices. With the Riddex system, you don’t have to kill any animals yourself. You don’t have to worry about dead rodent bodies, or squashed roaches that you have to pick up with paper towels.

Riddex utilizes electromagnets. These emit a signal that the vermin can’t stand. This in turn drives them away. One of the best benefits of using the Riddex system, is having the ability to get rid of of disgusting, disease filled animals, without having to hurt them.

This pest control product can take some time to work if the insect and/or rodent problem has been ongoing. Insects and rodents can multiply quite a bit just in a few short months. The human eye cannot see just how many little ones, especially insects, which may have been born.

Some people may need to purchase more than one of these products to effectively get rid of their pest troubles. Ultimately, the size of an area someone wants to treat can determine how many of these one might need.

The Proven Riddex System

The maker of Riddex is not allowed to tell consumers that this has been scientifically proven to work, as it is a law that they are governed by and they must abide by it, but many consumers have been happy with this product.

The company that manufactures and distributes this product clearly states all facts that they can and these facts let consumers know how it works and what to do with it when they get it.

They do guarantee that this product is safe to use. There are simple instructions included with each product and other vital information for consumers.

The Advantages of Riddex

The great things about Riddex are that there is no invasion of your privacy; there are no worries about whether your child or pet will touch the product and intake harsh and poisonous chemicals, there is that one time payment for the item(s) and the tax and shipping, and it is easy to use.

It simply plugs into any electrical outlet and it will start to work. The sound waves that illuminate from it ward insects and rodents away from your home and office and the sounds cannot be heard by dogs, cats, children, or adults.

Why pay an exterminator once a month for a whole year when you can buy this product once and get the same, if not better, results? One solution, one shopping trip, one payment, and pests “be gone”.

The Search – Riddex Plus Review Avalanche

I’ll admit it, I checked the internet before I bought it. Search for Riddex Plus Review and you’ll get lots of results, with a lot of people saying it’s useless. Seems to be a bit of a group-think thing.

Well, I honestly took all that with a grain of salt, and gave it a shot. I mean, worst case, I’d return it and I’m a little disappointed. Best case, it works, and I’ve got this awesome product that keeps bugs out of our house without the need for pesticides.

The Doubt – What Have I Done?

So I ordered one, and I started to kick myself. Maybe everyone else is right. Maybe every Riddex Plus Review I saw on the internet was correct. Maybe it’s a piece of garbage. I almost called up to cancel it, but my wife persuaded me to just try it out.

The Saving Grace – My Wife is Smarter Than I Am

I am so glad I married a woman who is far smarter than I deserve. We got the product in the mail. I opened it up, full of doubt. I plugged it in. The lights came on. My wife and I looked at each other. “That’s it?” “Yeah, I guess so.” Kind of anti-climactic.

But over the next week I started seeing less bugs. And then I didn’t see any bugs. At all. They were gone. I have no idea about the technology in this product, all I know is that we don’t have any bugs in our house anymore.

We have not changed our cleaning habits, we haven’t done anything different. All we did is plug the Riddex Plus box into the wall. That’s it. Bugs are gone. Simple.

The Truth – It Worked for Us

Next time you read a Riddex Plus Review saying how bad it is, remember this little review. It worked for us. It is not useless, it is not a scam. Our house is bug free and pesticide free.

How It Works

Ultrasonic pest repellents work by transmitting a powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves through your home’s electrical wiring. The constantly changing, high intensity frequencies cause significant sensory disturbances in pests like mice, rats and roaches.

These disturbances are extremely unpleasant to the pests and they usually leave to find a less stressful environment.

From what I could find, there are several scientific studies that support these findings. However, there are a few studies that have had inconclusive findings.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first purchased the system. It’s hard to believe that something which simply plugs into the wall can prevent bugs and other pests from entering my home.

I’ve tried using several other repellents, such as mouse traps, dangerous chemicals and even hiring an exterminator but they all were ineffective or too expensive to maintain. When I saw how affordable the product was, I knew it was worth a shot.

I simply opened the packaging, plugged it into the wall and turned it on. The first thing that I noticed was that there wasn’t any unpleasant smells or noise at all. It was as if it wasn’t there at all- perfect for if I had guests over and didn’t want them to think I had a pest problem.

Second of all, I was extremely relieved to see that children and pets would not be harmed by it, which was a deep concern for me.

With its built-in night life, on and off switch and simple design, it’s easy to put into any room and forget about it. While other products can be bulky or draw attention, the Riddex Pro can simply be turned on and left alone until you need to replace it.

It can be hidden behind a couch or anywhere and will not cause any changes in the products success.

Riddex Scam

You might have heard some buzz online about the Riddex Scam. You might also be wondering how a product with such a long, and well established product history of providing effective indoor and outdoor pest protection can be linked to any sort of scam. If you are wondering if the scam is real at all, then you are on the right track.

The whole idea of a scam was concocted by a company competing with Riddex. Since these companies have no reputation of their own, and questionable product potency in the first place, they made a buzz to make themselves look better. This is why rumors, and nonsense have been spread all over the internet.

The Side Effects

Riddex is a digital pest repeller and will eliminate bugs, pests and small rodents. When buying Riddex you may be wondering if this pest control product has side effects. Riddex side effects are mostly positive and include ridding your home of pests and other troublesome creatures.

Riddex is easy to use just plug it into a standard outlet and wait for results. Riddex digital pest repeller can be purchased online and at your local department store. Riddex is an as seen on TV product and has a thirty day guarantee.

Maybe you are still worried about the Riddex side effects. With many pest control products sold on the market today they come with possible side effects. Riddex doesn’t contain pesticides so there are no worries about accidental poisonings.

Riddex uses a state of the art electromagnetic technology to rid pests without chemicals. Riddex is safe to use around children and most pets.

Riddex side effects when used around hamsters, gerbils, minks, chinchillas, guinea pigs, mice or rats may result in extreme upset in the small animal. Since this product is used to rid your home of small rodents.

There Are No Riddex Side Effects

For humans and other pets there are no Riddex side effects reported. It works without dangerous chemicals and pesticides. It does not contain fumes or offensive odors. Riddex is an affordable option for pest control considering you could pay thousands of dollars for an exterminator.

When first using Riddex pest control, you should see results within the first twenty four hours of plugging it in the wall. Riddex will make the rodents and pests so uncomfortable they will leave your home.

The Riddex pest control device will send out a digital pulse. This in turn annoys the pests in your home, driving them crazy. This product is such a great alternative compared to the hazardous pest control products on the market today.

The product is low in price so it makes good sense to buy this device instead of spending money on chemicals. It is environmentally sound and non toxic making it a great choice for the environmentally conscious family. Riddex gets the job done without unwanted side effects.

How Many Do I Need?

One unit will cover an entire floor, approximately 2000 square feet. It works in the rooms, in the walls, under the floorboards, and in the ceiling. For most households, one to two units are sufficient. Each unit requires only one plug and takes up about as much space as a deck of cards.

Is Riddex Pro the Best Option to Control my Pest Problem?

Absolutely. Riddex Pro is a safe and extremely cost effective option to other alternatives. Sprays, poisons and traps are hazardous and must be repurchased often.

Exterminators often cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a single treatment. Many people have had the same unit for over ten years and have consistently yielded excellent results.

The Conclusion of My Riddex Pro Review

The Riddex Pro uses electromagnetic technology which pulses through the walls and drives rodents and roaches away. There are no dangerous toxins which can be seeped throughout the house and it is 100% safe.

Since the product seemed so promising, I was expecting to be disappointed. However, after using the Riddex Pro I began to see a huge decrease in any insects finding themselves in my home. Currently I have not seen one rat or bug intruding into my house and I owe it all to the Riddex Pro.

Using this product has reassured me that there are still good deals out there on items that really work. I hope my Riddex Pro review has helped you find a bug repellent that you will be happy with for a long time to come.

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