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AirSOCOM is your number one online resource for officially licensed airsoft gun replicas.

Airsoft Replica Models come in a large variety and are often referred to as non-lethal weapons. Many are licensed by the manufacturers of the original weapons they impersonate.

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Replica models are the same size as their counterparts and share many of the same physical details. They range in price from less than twenty dollars, to over one hundred dollars.

They are a great opportunity for one who would like to collect certain types and brands of firearms, but not actually own real weapons.

Just about all of the popular brands of small handguns and rifles are available as air soft replicas. They look good in gun cases or displayed on the wall.

Most municipalities suggest they be displayed with discretion. They come with a warning on the package advising the buyer to transport them responsibly.

The guns are marked with a bright orange tip so they will not be mistaken for real weapons. Changing the color of the tip is not recommended, and may be illegal in some places.

Their performance is powerful enough that they should never be fired at animals or unprotected people.

With their fully automatic capabilities, and their six-millimeter sized pellets, they are capable of damaging an eye, or causing welts when hitting human flesh.

Airsoft replicas are used in sanctioned competitions with the participants being required to wear protective gear, including helmets and goggles.

They come in spring, gas, and electric powered models. Replicas range in power from around two hundred and sixty feet per second to nearly four hundred feet per second.

The spring type is the least powerful and requires manually cocking each time you want to fire it.

The electric models are the most popular. They have a battery that operates a small piston to create the air pressure to fire the pellet. This method of propulsion allows fully automatic capabilities.

The gas model operates off a small co2 cartridge or a container of propane or green gas. They have the same capabilities as the electric models. They are more powerful, but the cartridge has to be replaced more often than one would have to deal with recharging the battery.

Whether you use them in competition, target shooting, or just for displaying in your den or office, Airsoft Replica models are fun to own.

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