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Should You Purchase Somatropin or a More Effective Product?

Growth hormone is a protein secreted by the pituitary gland of the brain into the bloodstream, and is crucial for human health, both during childhood and (surprisingly!) also as an adult. In children, deficiency of growth hormone causes short stature, a failure to successfully undergo puberty, and problems with growth delay. In adults, deficiency in growth hormone causes obesity, especially around the abdominal area, as well as decreased muscle mass, decreased levels of energy, diminished muscle strength, and a poor quality of life. Growth hormone is important for the regulation of lean muscle mass, in limiting the amount of fatty tissue, promoting the function of the immune system, and optimal mental function and clarity. In adults, supplementation with appropriate amounts of growth hormone has strong anti-aging effects, and builds both muscle mass as well as bone density. Higher levels of growth hormone are also associated with improved levels of blood sugars and fats, as well as an increased feeling of overall well being.

The Old Way Purchase Somatropin itself

Although levels of growth hormone can vary widely, in general its levels in the blood peaks during the teenage years (typically during puberty), and then steadily decreases as a person ages. Indeed, a natural decrease in the levels of growth hormone is thought to be one of the important factors which contributes to the overall phenomenon of aging. Consequently, many people may benefit from enhancing their growth hormone levels by augmenting with a supplement. Somatrophin is the name for synthetic growth hormone, nowadays produced using recombinant DNA technology to ensure its quality and purity. Although it is possible to purchase somatropin, recombinant synthetic human growth hormone is available only by prescription, and is inconvenient to use, as it must be administered as an injection. Furthermore, its levels in the blood change rapidly, necessitating the inconvenience of frequently monitoring blood levels of administered somatrophin.

The New Way Purchase Somatropin Alternatives

Although some individuals still purchase somatrophin itself, better alternatives have now arisen. Instead of recombinant synthetic growth hormone itself, with the inconveniences of injection and monitoring blood levels, most individuals are now candidates for growth hormone secretagogue. Secretagogues are substances which cause the body to naturally release a hormone. In this case, growth hormone secretagogues can cause a person’s pituitary gland to naturally release the body’s own supplies of growth hormone. This has many advantages, including that the secretagogue can be taken orally or as a spray, and that the body’s pituitary gland releases precisely optimal levels of growth hormone, obviating the need for blood tests or monitoring.

Of the products on the market which can promote the body to release growth hormone, Sytropin (click here for a full Sytropin Review) is the best overall spray and Genf20 (click here for a full GenF20 Review)is the best overall nutritional supplement. Both products have no negative side effects, and are so safe that they are available without a prescription. Sytropin and Genf20 are suitable for nearly all individuals in various states of health, and require only once-daily or twice-daily administration. Users typically see beneficial effects in their body composition (fat loss, increased muscle mass and bone density) within one to two weeks, and also experience a feeling of improved overall mental well being, enhanced clarity and mental focus, heightened alertness and productivity, and increased strength and stamina in physical endeavors.

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