Natural HGH Supplement

The Truth About Natural HGH Supplement Products

The human body is designed to function as a multi-tasking biological machine capable of tremendous stress for many years. However, without proper maintenance those years can also drastically be limited and eventually no amount of maintenance attempts can repair some of the working defects. To increase the length of time that the human body stays healthy, fit, and viable, many people work out regularly, eat right, and attempt to relive their stress through various activities. The truth is that even with all of this the body will still degrade over time. It will wear down from the inside out. The unfortunate fact of existence is inevitable, what lives mus degrade and die. This has always been a “known” truth. There is evidence, however, that this long held philosophy might not be that accurate.

What a Natural HGH Supplement Can Do For You

Hormone levels in the human body, specifically three hormones, contribute to a great deal of the lasting health of an individual. With low levels of these hormones no amount of exercise and diet will do much for the body. These three hormones are human growth hormone (HGH), testosterone, and estrogen. HGH is considered the most important of these in regards to how quickly the body ages. This is due to the fact that human growth hormone is the chemical that is responsible for generating repairs in the body, bolstering the immune system,and acts as the key component of the mechanism by which we maintain vitality and health.

Over time our HGH production levels decline rapidly. At age twenty we can expect to have a daily production of 400 to 500 mcg (micro-grams) of HGH in our bodies. As time passes and we advance to age forty we will be lucky to maintain half of that production level. At age eighty a mere 25 mcg per day in production will be considered normal.

To combat this rapid decline in hormone levels there are man products on the market, as well as medically warranted HGH injections. HGH injections directly infuse human growth hormone into the body but this is an inherently expensive process that would have to performed routinely to have any effect. The worst part of this is that the anterior pituitary gland, the gland responsible for HGH production, will grow lazy and produce less of the hormone as a result of long term usage. Other than generally illegal injections, without medical prescription, there are products that are taken orally or applied to the skin. There are also homeopathic remedies that are cheap and popular.

Which Natural HGH Supplement Works Best? Sytropin

Of the orally taken items there are two types that are most sought after. The natural HGH supplement aids are known as sprays and pills. HGH sprays, such as the highly recommended and approved Sytropin, are simple matters to use. A few pumps of the spray into the mouth and the stimulating chemicals will readily enter the blood stream and work their way toward the goal of stimulating the anterior pituitary gland. Pill forms such as GenF20 are also very popular. Some of these can be taken once a day for a period of time and the body will slowly increase the natural hormone levels. Others work in a more rapid manner but require more rest intervals when you should not use them.

No matter what manner of natural HGH supplement you choose to use the benefits will be renewed vitality, a sense of age regression, better sleep, and in many instances a highly improved sex life. Human growth hormone can be increased in the body without any of the horror stories from athletes that abuse injections. The improvements are as simple as a few pumps of the finger or a tiny little pill.

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