Natural HGH Releasers

Natural HGH Releasers: The Preferred Way for Hormone Boost

There are two ways you can raise the human growth hormone level in the body; one is with HGH releasers and the other is through injections. HGH releasers, especially natural HGH releasers, have a big advantage over to the injection method. The reason for this is that injection methods will have side effects but releasers will not. However, in order to take advantage of this you need to choose your HGH releaser wisely. One such HGH supplement that is proving to be very effective is GenF20. Before we go into the superiority of this method, let’s first talk about the drawbacks of the injection method.

If you are going the injection way to get your dose of HGH then you will need a doctor’s prescription and it will have to be given under a doctor’s supervision Any HGH injection that you may get which does not follow this process is illegal. Injections are also very costly, costing thousands a year not to mention that they are difficult to come by. To bypass all this, people in the U.S were going to Mexico to get their HGH injections. But most seriously, there are health related side effects, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention and in some cases certain types of cancer, although that is rarer. Yet, it is not all bad news for injections; many doctors believe injections are good for older folks such as the 60 and above crowd. However, if you are into a more natural, long term and holistic solution then natural HGH releasers are a better idea.

Some Natural HGH Releasers to Consider

There was a time when Natural HGH Releasers received some bad attention. Not so anymore, mainly because researchers and users began to understand how they work. Like most natural supplements, they take anymore time to start showing their good results compared to drug induced or synthetic HGH supplements. Synthetic supplements “force” themselves on the body, producing a quick result. As mentioned before this is not a good thing. Natural HGH supplements on the other hand, need to be worked with. If you have any bad habits such as drinking and smoking then they may cancel out any natural supplements you take. Basically you will have to change your life style, which what is meant by having to work with them.

Another thing to consider when taking HGH releasers is that they are best taken on an empty stomach, because if your level of blood sugar is high then the releasers will not be able to work to their full potential. To work properly a good HGH releaser will have a proper synergistic combination. Some good examples of natural HGH releasers that have all these qualities are Gen F20 and Sytropin.

GenF20 is taken in a pill form and Syropin is a homeopathic oral spray. Both have been shown to be very effective and popular with users. In fact Sytropin is so confidant of their product that they even give a money back guarantee if there are not any positive results. The bottom line is this, natural HGH is healthier overall, but needs a little bit more patience.

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