MHP Secretagogue-One Review

An Unbiased MHP Secretagogue-One Review

Growth hormone is important not only during adolescence and puberty for the well-known “growth spurt,” but also regulates a wide variety of other bodily functions besides growth, even in fully developed adults. In both men and women, growth hormone controls the overall energy balance, regulating body fat levels, the rate of metabolism, and lean body mass, including muscle mass. Moreover, human growth hormone regulates higher processes within the brain, and is important for maintaining mental energy, elevating mood, and sharpening focus. In addition to all these diverse functions, it also helps to boost the immune system, preventing infection. Despite all of these beneficial effects, levels of growth hormone naturally decline over the course of an adult lifespan, and this decline is thought to contribute to the process of aging.

Despite these beneficial effects and its decline as a person grows older, growth hormone itself is an expensive, difficult to use prescription medication: not only is it only indicated for treating children with dwarfism, but it also needs to be injected intravenously and the levels of growth hormone measured by regular blood tests. In the past, these barriers have prevented its use for healthy individuals in other settings. Fortunately, recent medical advances have circumvented this difficulty with growth hormone. Developed by a team of expert physicians, research scientists and biochemists, MHP Secretagogue-One is an all natural oral nutritional supplement which causes the pituitary gland of the brain to release the body’s own supply of growth hormone. The advanced proprietary blend of precursor nutrient compounds and amino acids is easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, allowing this supplement to signal the brain to release growth hormone. Best of all, because MHP Secretagogue-One causes the body to release its own stores of growth hormone, built-in physiological feedback mechanisms ensure that precisely the right levels of hormone are delivered to the blood stream, negating the need for expensive blood tests.

MHP Secretagogue-One Review My Personal Experiences

I ordered my MHP Secretagogue-One for the goals of weight loss, fat loss, and improving energy levels and mental clarity. I am forty-one years old, and started at a body mass index (BMI) of 29, which is significantly overweight, and a body fat percentage of thirty-five percent. In my MHP Secretagogue-One Review, I will outline the objective effects that I observed when using this product for two months.

My product arrived as packets of nutritional supplement powder in individually-sealed containers. I took MHP Secretagogue-One (orange flavor) daily in the mornings after mixing it in water. The product dissolves easily and is pleasant to drink, tasting somewhat like orange-flavored soda. During my first week of use, I lost an average of 1.5 pounds per week, for a total loss of a little over ten pounds. After about my third day of use, I also noticed increased mental sharpness and clarity, enabling me to focus longer on tasks at my job. In addition, I immediately noticed deeper and more restful sleep after beginning my use of MHP Secretagogue-One. Over the next several weeks, this supplement helped me maintain my weight loss goals of approximately five pounds per week, and increase my ability to exercise, as well as my muscle strength as measured by the dead lift.

At eight weeks (two months) after daily use of MHP Secretagogue-One, I lost over forty pounds, bringing my body mass index to an extremely healthy 23. In addition, my body fat percentage dropped precipitously, to nineteen percent. In addition, the beneficial effects of MHP Secretagogue-One on my mental clarity, energy and focus have continued, allowing me to be more productive at work.

Needless to say, I am exceptionally satisfied with MHP Secretagogue-One, and am continuing to take this unique HGH supplement on a daily basis!

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