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Information on Legal HGH For Sale

The human growth hormone somatotropin is the primary ingredient in the creation of lean muscle mass. Human growth hormone (HGH) is responsible for repairing or replacing damaged and dead cells as well as the increase in muscle mass. This feature of HGH is the reason why many people herald it as the fountain of youth. Unfortunately, due to the results of both latter abuse and early testing directly with somatotropin there were regulations for this usage of HGH that made the legal selling of HGH an impossible dream unless it involved the synthetic version known as somatropin. Without a prescription it is entirely illegal to be injected with HGH directly. Even with a prescription only a doctor is legally allowed to inject it. Due to this fact many pharmaceutical companies began trying to find ways to make legal HGH for sale. While somatropin remained restricted many natural alternatives began to surface for sale around the world.

What is Legal HGH For Sale?

There are many products online that clam they are HGH in a bottle or something similar. These claims are not precisely true. There is not HGH directly evident in any over the counter product in most countries due to the restrictions on its sale. The manufacturers that sell HGH online are really selling all natural supplements that work via stimulating the anterior pituitary gland in a bid to increase its natural production of HGH. The anterior pituitary gland is what produces the human growth hormone for the body. Unfortunately, it seems to have something akin to a biological clock inside its genomic structure. At the age of twenty most people can generate an average of four to five hundred micrograms of HGH per day. At age forty most people would be happy to produce an average of two hundred micrograms per day. When that same individual reaches the age of eighty it can be a struggle to manufacture only twenty-five micrograms per day of human growth hormone.

What Types of Products Are Considered Legal HGH for Sale?

Manufactured supplements that provide stimulation of the anterior pituitary gland will come in three primary types. The most effective of these types on a long term basis will be pills at present, with sprays coming in close behind. There are also creams that can be rubbed on the skin but these are considered largely ineffective.

Pill for HGH supplements, such as Genf20, are a type of legal HGH for sale that contain a large about of nutritional supplementation designed specifically to empower the pituitary gland. Over the course of a typical thirty day period these supplements ramp up the natural HGH production in the body.

Spray form HGH supplements, such as Sytropin, are faster acting than pill form supplements. This is due to the fact that an oral spray for of this type of supplement gets the ingredients into the blood stream with greater speed than any other HGH supplemental action outside of direct somatropin injections.

No matter which version you utilize the end result is that restored human growth hormone in the body can slightly reverse the aging process, build strength, restore vitality, and even allow sexual potency to return in some men. These are not wild and fancifully overblown statements. These statements are based on tested and approved studies and clinical trials.

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