Is HGH Legal?

Learn The Facts About Legal and Illegal HGH

The hormone that causes normal growth in humans is called HGH. It is made in the pituitary gland and during a child’s growth years it is produced to grow the bones, muscles and give height. It also is a natural immune system booster and helps to control blood sugar levels along with reducing fat and helping the body to retain calcium. As people begin to age the levels of HGH decrease. This effects the body causing it to gain weight, lose energy and sex drive along with loss of skin elasticity and muscle mass.

How Does HGH Affect The Body?

When HGH levels become too low people experience the signs of aging. With HGH products the body can experience effects of age reversal along with loss of weight and larger muscle mass. It also can improve sex drive, give energy, restore the skin to it’s normal elasticity which helps reduce wrinkles and much more.

What Forms Of HGH Are Available?

HGH comes in capsule form, oral HGH spray and injection. GenF20(also known as GenF20 Plus) and Sytropin are two HGH products that have become very popular. Sytropin is used orally by spraying under the tongue twice in the morning and 4 times at bedtime. This method provides quick absorption so effects can begin working immediately. GenF20 is a capsule that is taken twice a day. Injection form is mainly used for children with growth disorders and must be prescribed by a physician although some doctors do prescribe this to older patients to help restore their vitality and strength. Injection HGH is not a pure hormone but is engineered to behave like the real hormone.

Is HGH Legal In Supplement Form?

The answer is yes if it is a natural supplement. GenF20 and Sytropin along with some other natural HGH supplements are legal to use. Since these products are herbal and manufactured in laboratories where they are made with natural, safe ingredients they are not considered to be illegal. What is illegal is using or selling injectable HGH. With all the bad publicity that HGH has gotten from people obtaining and using injectable hgh without a prescription it has caused some confusion with the legal aspects.

Is HGH Legal In Injection Form?

IF you ask, is HGH legal without a prescription that is in injectable form the answer is no. Without proper cause for a prescription the doctor can find himself with a lot of legal problems. Many doctors do believe in HGH and prescribe it for people with low energy levels or who don’t feel well suggesting that it really helps their patients.

HGH Supplements Have No Side Effects

With HGH supplements and oral sprays no side effects have been reported. Due to them being made with natural herbs and other natural ingredients this reduces the risk of adverse effects. Sytropin and GenF20 products work to increase a person’s own HGH levels.

HGH Has Many Positive Effects On The Body

HGH products such as Sytropin and GenF20 can help lower body fat, quicken metabolism, improve skin, hair and nails, improve memory, restore energy and when asked is HGH legal the answer is yes when they are made in these natural forms using all natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective.

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