Does Identity Guard Really Work?

The Summarized Version

With any program or solution there are usually some steps that the user needs to take in order to benefit from of all of the advantages offered. Identity Guard does in fact really work especially for those users who put it to the test and maximize their use of all the options available.

Identity theft is a very real problem these days, with statistics reporting that around 25,000 identities are stolen every day in the United States alone, and it is not limited to any one method either.

With the knowledge that you are as much in danger of having your identity stolen as any other person, it pays to be very proactive in the measures you take to avoid this happening.

Part of being proactive is to ensure that your computer, your passwords and your files are secure, and to keep track of your credit ratings and score and to receive notification of any changes to your accounts.

Identity Guard does just this, neatly, all in one package.

How Much Does Identity Guard Cost?

There are different options to choose from, with prices ranging from $9.99 per month for partial coverage to $14.99 per month for the full package. Core coverage is provided by the Watchful Eye package.

This is the cheapest monthly option and it offers credit reports, scores and alerts; quarterly credit updates and the internet is scanned regularly to see if your Social Security number, credit cards or bank account numbers show up anywhere.

If you lose your wallet, you can have up to $2,000 emergency cash provided as well.

The next level of coverage, the Extra Caution package, offers the same options and also monitors your credit scores from three different credit bureaus. The most comprehensive coverage comes from the Total Protection package.

With this you additionally receive ZoneAlarm software which will protect your computer from viruses and spyware and a personal password protector.

Online connections are automatically encrypted and you have the ability to not only assess your risk of having your identity stolen but also gives you advice and help if you need to recover your identity.

It seems a very small price to pay in order to have your identity secured. If you are interested, you can enjoy a two week free trial before you begin your subscription of Identity Guard and if not totally satisfied with this extra level of protection you are free to cancel your subscription before any money had been deducted.

With identity theft becoming increasingly more common these days, I would recommend Identity Guard as a very viable and useful tool to use to help protect yourself, your finances and your home.

Identity Guard Complaints

Quite often, when a customer is getting used to the way a new vendor provides service, there can be confusion. These days, instead of simply contacting the vendor’s customer service department and getting an accurate answer, there is a tendency to immediately start blogging and registering discontent.

I have used Identity Guard for some time now and I have noticed some Identity Guard complaints that just do not seem to make much sense. I have made a list of a few of these.

Hopefully, you can benefit from the advantages of this service by becoming a little more educated about what they do for you.

Common Identity Guard Complaints, and Their Explanations

One of the first Identity Guard complaints I noticed was this one, posted earlier in the Bubble Decade: “I did notice their pulling TU puts a HARD inquiry”. This one really floors me. First of all, it was posted in 2001 and it still is showing up today.

Those who hire Identity Guard to advise them of potential problems with their credit ought to understand that there were some complaints made almost a decade ago; the credit reporting bureaus have changed the way they do business.

So has Identity Guard. This issue was resolved years ago, yet the posting still exists…

One big problem with postings like the one above is that they often lead to other postings. The next batch aren’t even necessarily from people who have experienced any problem at all; it just seems so easy to add one’s voice to someone else who is making Identity Guard Complaints.

If you do a little digging, you’ll find a lot more users of this service who really appreciate the quick response time and accuracy they get from Identity Guard. There are complainers and there are people who are involved in the solution.

Then, there are those who seek to portray Identity Guard as some sort of affiliate of one (or more) of the credit reporting agencies. These types of Complaints really mislead people who would really benefit from using the service.

I want to be clear that I did the research and discovered that Identity Guard is not affiliated with any of the credit reporting agencies and in no way endorses one over the other.

The last and most troublesome types of Complaints involve customers who are unclear on exactly which service – or services – they are using. Sometimes, they mistakenly believe that one provider is charging them for services which should be provided by another.

Frequently, these services overlap. Be sure your bank hasn’t signed you up automatically to get Identity Guard in addition to another service.

Identity Guard Review – In-depth

Millions of people now own their own computers. The world has become a very technologically minded place. Many people now do their banking, shopping, and bill paying online. This makes their personal and confidential information vulnerable to identity thieves.

A great product to combat identity theft is Identity Guard. The company provides consumers with theft protection and credit monitoring services. Consumers are allowed to sign up for a free two week trial period.

This allows them to preview the services and decide if they wish to sign up for the company’s services for the long-term.

Identity Guard provides the following services: monitors credit scores, conducts Internet surveillance, issues quarterly credit updates, monitors credit reports, reviews public records and updates, and provides computer security suite.

The company offers consumers great customer service and theft protection solutions.

The Various Packages Offered By Identity Guard

There are three levels of coverage that the company offers to consumers. They include the following: watchful eye, extra caution, and total protection. The watchful eye protection is the core package and costs $9.99 per month.

Consumers receive the following services with this coverage: credit report, alert, and score monitoring, quarterly credit updates, twenty five hundred dollars of Plus Insurance, and Internet surveillance.

Consumers who decide to purchase the extra caution protection package will get the following services: credit report, alert, and score monitoring, quarterly credit updates, Internet surveillance, one million dollars of Plus Insurance, and three bureau credit monitoring. The cost per month for this package is $ 14.99 per month.

Consumers who decide to get the total protection plan will receive the following services: credit reports, credit scores, and credit alerts, quarterly credit updates, Internet surveillance, three bureau credit monitoring, computer security suite, public records with updates, and a million dollars of Plus Insurance.

Identity Guard Review: Is It Worth It?

Identity Guard provides services that help consumers protect their information from identity thieves. If for some reason the member becomes a victim of identity theft then they have insurance coverage to help compensate their losses.

Members are also given a personal identity dashboard to manage their account status. Members are also given access to anti-malware, phishing and key logging software protection and can access their credit reports and scores at any time.

Consumers need to protect themselves from Identity theft. Anti virus protection is not enough to protect anyone from computer hackers and identity thieves.

You lock your front doors to protect your home from being robbed? Why not protect your personal information from thieves with Identity Guard?

Identity Guard vs. Lifelock

Identity theft is something that we all need to protect ourselves from. When purchasing an identity protection plan you should compare the different companies, for example Identity Guard vs. Lifelock.

Identity Guard has a lot of helpful features that Lifelock does not, including: credit bureau monitoring, credit score, public record monitoring, protection of your laptop, and more.

There are various ways that someone can steal another’s identity. About 41% of identity theft has to do with credit fraud, which can happen when someone gets a hold of your credit or debit card, or your bank account. Identity Guard provides excellent protection against these.

Other ways one can steal your identity is by having access to your driver’s license information, your health insurance, your tax information, your financial aid, and even your student ID number.

Identity Guard vs. Life Lock: Which Is The Better Protection?

When purchasing an Identity Guard Total Protection plan you will receive benefits like receiving your 3-in1 credit report and credit score four times a year. You will also receive email alerts if any changes in your credit happens, Lifelock does not offer this service.

Identity Guard also protects your computer, some of the benefits that you will receive include a virus protection plan, a firewall, and an anti-spyware and encryption program.

Identity Guard provides this and more because they know that ones identity is only as safe as their computer is.

Additional protection that Identity Guard provides includes ID theft recovery assistance, stolen wallet assistance, and internet scans to make sure that your personal information is not being sold on the black market.

Identity Guard will alert you if your social security number, your credit cards, or your bank accounts are being traded or sold.

When comparing Identity Guard vs. Lifelock you will see that you are purchasing more protection from Identity Guard, therefore you will feel safer that you are getting the protection that you deserve. You can purchase Identity Guard for $17.99 per month, and they will even give you the first 30 days free.

Identity Guard has been protecting individuals, corporations, and businesses since 1996. They have been fighting identity theft for 12 years and serve over 8 million people. You can be confident that Identity Guard will protect you from identity thieves, and will always be there whenever you need them.

Identity Guard makes their customers a true and simple promise, “If identity thieves steal your money, we will make sure you get it back.”

The choice is yours to make on how much coverage and protection you would like for your life. When comparing Identity Guard vs. Lifelock you see that Identity Guard offers more protection and in doing so, better peace of mind.

You do not have to worry that someone will steal your identity when you let Identity Guard protect you.

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