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GenF20 vs. HGHUP Supplement

Supplemental human growth hormones are popping up everywhere these days adding more confusion to what actually works and want doesn’t. HGHUP is another new product on the market that claims to increase serum HGH along with testosterone levels. Comparing new products major ingredients along with their actions and benefits to other proven HGH products that are known to work can help establish if these new products may actually be beneficial to consumers. For comparison of HGHUP supplement to GenF20, which is a known product that delivers what it claims, interested users may understand the differences of the products and discover the proven factors that provide the desired actions.

What is HGHUP?

HGHUP is claiming to be so unique that the manufacturers have put it into a new category called (hANh) Hybrid Anabolic/Near Hormonal. They define this new category as a product that causes a synchronization of exogenous factors and natural factors that produce a hormonal and anabolic response. This action raises testosterone over 150% and growth hormone over 2000%. No prescription is required and it comes in an oral viable compound.

Benefits of HGHUP

HGHUP supplement increases lean muscle mass by an average of 8% in six weeks. It reduces body fat by an average of 25% in six weeks and increases strength. It also promotes healing of injuries and helps the body to recover from training and physical stress. It reverses aging affects that are brought on prematurely by providing better skin tone and helps promote deeper and better sleep. Consumers should also feel more healthy and youthful.

Ingredients of HGHUP

Each capsule contains L-carnitine l-tartrate, green tea, chlorophytum borivilanium, magnesium, mucuna pruriens, B-complex, Selenium, huperzine-A and bioperine.


HGHUP supplement should be taken twice a day, 3 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the afternoon. It can also be used before workouts for better focus, strength and concentration. They should be taken on an empty stomach. Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

What is GenF20?

GenF20 (click here for a full GenF20 Review) is a human growth hormone releaser that works with the body to increase levels of natural HGH produced in the pituitary gland. With its unique blend of amino acids and other HGH boosters, HGH is naturally produced in higher levels promoting the reversal of aging and promoting good health and well-being.

Benefits of GenF20

GenF20 offers many benefits that include increasing muscle mass, weight loss, better sleep, healing of injuries and provides better stamina during workouts. Its anti-aging benefits are numerous and include diminishing laugh lines, age spots, wrinkles and crows feet. Skin becomes smoother and firmer as well as nails. Hair condition is restored and it even can reverse graying. It speeds up metabolism, increases bone density for stronger bones, promotes better focus and memory, mood and mental alertness. It is also able to lower cholesterol and reinvigorates sex drive and sexual performance. GenF20 can also strengthen the immune system and causes vision to become clearer. For those who want a bigger, stronger physique, GenF20 increases results of workouts and exercise.

Ingredients in GenF20

GenF20 is composed of many different amino acids that promote HGH. These include GTF chromium, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-tyrosine, L-glutamine, L-glycine, Ornithine, pituitary powder, colostrum, phosphatidyl choline, tribullus terrestris extract, astragalus root extract, deer velvet antler, gaba and L-valine.


GenF20 comes in enteric coated tablets for ease of digestion without stomach upset providing maximum absorption. Recommended dosage is 2 tablets twice a day. No prescription is required. GenF20 can be ordered in 1 month supply or up to 1 year supply.

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