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HGH Sprays vs HGH Shots

There is a growing trend in both the celebrated populace and the so called “normal” individuals of the world. This trend is toward using products that reintroduce human growth hormone (HGH) into the body in an attempt at restoring strength, vitality, and youth to themselves. As people grow older, usually around age thirty, a steady drop in hormone levels (HGH) causes the skin to sag, the metabolism to drop, and collagen production to slow to a crawl.

The Truth About HGH

The truth is that the closest thing to a fountain of youth there is in existence right now is the reintroduction of growth hormone into the body. By returning this hormonal balance to the body vigor, physical prowess, and clarity of thought will return with it.

There are two types of HGH product in existence. The first is for oral consumption. These take the form of pills, tablets, sprays, etc. The other method comes in the form of potent but painful HGH shots. These shots ruled the hormone market for a long time due to their performance enhancing capacity, efficiency of delivery, and immediacy of affect.

The fact of the matter is that the original oral products were not all that useful in general. Much of the hormone that should enter the body was wasted via digestion. The painful injections bypassed this phase and entered the hormonal restorative directly into the bloodstream in a powerful and immediate fashion.

As time passed sprays began to grow more potent and the method of delivery increased in efficiency. Modern sprays are nearly as good as those painful HGH shots that used to rule unchallenged in the hormone market.

The Best HGH Spray:

HGH sprays have many things going for them that injections do not. Sprays, such as the wildly popular and effective Sytropin, do not come with the pain of injection. They do not require the purchase of syringes, or any other extra equipment. They can easily be refilled via prescription and enter the bloodstream readily just like injections. They do not have a risk of injury in the instance that someone misses a vein and begins to bleed.

In comparison the only thing that continues to make injections popular at all is the high potency level involved in a single shot. The typical hormonal injection can cause incredible and near instant effect in some cases. However, beyond this immediacy there is little to recommend injections over sprays.

Sprays such as Sytropin are becoming more popular due to their long lasting effects as well. Since it takes a few weeks to three months to reach maximum effect for this product, a swift and efficient time scale for any hormonal replacement product, with daily use the spray will become habitual for many. This means that long after most people give up painful injections those who use a spray like Sytropin will continue to aid themselves in looking younger, feeling stronger, and being more active.

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