HGH Plus

A comparison of HGH Plus versus other top natural HGH products

The beneficial effects of human growth hormone (HGH) extend all over the body, from improving blood glucose and lipid levels, to enhancing fat breakdown and building lean muscle mass. In addition, human growth hormone continues to exert growth-like effects in adults, promoting increases in muscle mass and bone density in response to exercise and load, and regulating the process of healing and tissue turnover in times of stress and injury. HGH also regulates immune function and cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and mood. Because growth hormone functions as one the body’s master regulators, it does not exert all of its effects directly. Many of the positive effects ascribed to HGH actually come from hormones that the body releases when appropriately high levels of growth hormone are circulating in the blood.

Nearly everyone’s HGH levels decline over time, and individuals in their thirties, forties, and onwards may have blood levels of human growth hormone that are lower than optimal. Consequently, many of the hormones that are regulated by growth hormone and responsible for its indirect beneficial effects also go into decline. Indeed, a loss of HGH over time is now believed to be the leading cause of aging.

Why HGH Plus Was Developed

To address these challenges, HGH Plus was developed. Developed by published clinical endocrinologists and aging experts in collaboration with research pharmacologists and biochemists. this over the counter supplement is unlike any other on the market today. Whereas other top natural HGH products frequently contain a mixture of amino acids and precursor chemicals that are designed to stimulate the body to release its own growth hormone, HGH Plus contains actual synthetic human growth hormone (also known as somatotrophin), manufactured and purified using the latest recombinant DNA biotechnology. Unlike other supplements, the somatotrophin in HGH Plus is identical to that found in expensive prescription HGH replacement medication. Further setting this supplement apart from its competitors, this groundbreaking product contains a number of other purified hormones which are under the control of growth hormone in the body. These include erythropoietin, bone morphogenic proteins, leutenizing hormone releasing peptides, epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor 8, and of course, insulin growth factor 1 and 2 (IGF-1 and IGF-2), which together are responsible for the bulk of the fat loss and muscle promoting effects of human growth hormone. No other product on the market today, prescription or otherwise, contains this potent cocktail of hormones designed to combat aging, boost metabolism, and improve mental function.

Why Tests Say HGH Plus Can Do

In clinical trials against both placebo and other top natural HGH products, subjects who were administered HGH Plus demonstrated statistically significant greater weight loss, fat loss, and gains in muscle volume and strength. In addition, this supplement also resulted in impressive normalization of blood lipid and sugar profiles, while improving muscle strength and stamina (as objectively measured by controlled weight testing and treadmill testing, respectively). Finally, both clinical trial subjects and subsequent user reviews suggest that this supplement can improve immunity and help users avoid common infections such as “the flu.”

Though containing growth hormone, IGF-1, IGF-2, and a number of other recombinant proteins, this supplement has an outstanding safety profile, allowing it to be marketed over the counter with a prescription. In clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance, this supplement caused negative side effects in less than two percent of all individuals. When side effects were reported, they were generally mild, consisting of headache and muscle pains, which gradually subsided over the course of several days.

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