HGH Plus Scam

Weighing the evidence of an online HGH Plus scam

While the nervous system allows humans to respond second to second, on somewhat longer time scales the endocrine system regulates nearly all processes in the body. A complex regulatory network of hormones with feedback loops, the endocrine system consists of both “master regulator” hormones which induce the release of other hormones, as well as “somatic” hormones which act on tissues such as the muscles, bones, and skin to cause physiologic effects. Human growth hormone, or HGH, is unique in that it has both properties of a master regulator hormone, and a somatic hormone. This means that it induces the release of other potent hormones which act on tissues, such as insulin like growth factors 1 and 2 (IGF-1 and IGF-2), and also directly acts on tissues itself. Via direct and indirect mechanisms, HGH exerts pleiotropic effects on the body, including breakdown of fat tissue, enhancement of muscle mass, strength, and performance, metabolic regulation and energy homeostasis, and support of immune and cognitive functions.

It is now known unequivocally that declines in HGH levels is associated with many aging-related effects, leading to an increased interest among many individuals in supplementing their endogenous HGH levels. As a result, a number of prescription and non-prescription products have sprung up in the market, each touting beneficial effects, leading to conflicting reports and some misinformation.

Understanding Why These Claims Exist

In particular, there has been rumors online of an HGH Plus scam. Surprisingly however, HGH Plus is one of a few over the counter supplements which has undergone extensive (and expensive!) double blind clinical studies. These reveal that of the more than one hundred individuals enrolled in placebo vs. HGH Plus arms, those treated with HGH Plus gained up to ten percent more lean muscle mass, and lost approximately twenty five percent of their somatic fat mass, as compared both with their own baseline values, as well as those of subjects in the placebo group. Furthermore, despite unsubstantiated claims of an HGH Plus scam in some corners, this supplement was proven to cause statistically significant increases in endurance (as measured by clinical treadmill testing) of up to twenty percent, all after three to five weeks of treatment.

Further Debunking The Myth of HGH Plus Scam

In yet another strike against claims of an HGH Plus scam, this supplement contains actual synthetic growth hormone (somatotrophin), identical to what is found in prescription formulations. In addition, it contains purified IGF-1 and IGF-2, the “downstream” hormones to HGH, as well as erythropoietin (for increasing red cell mass and exercise endurance), fibroblast growth factor 8 (FGF-8), epidermal growth factor (EGF), and a variety of other substances, all verified to be bioactive when administered sublingually under the tongue, and which synergize to promote the beneficial and healthful effects of HGH Plus.

The same rigorous clinical trials which proved the efficacy of HGH Plus in increasing muscle mass, accelerating weight and fat loss, and increasing endurance in treated subjects also studied the safety of this innovative product. Of the study subjects who used HGH Plus for three months, there were no adverse events reported, and no negative side effect events reported in excess of placebo. A few users reported a mild headache and muscle aches, which gradually disappeared over the course of several days of continued treatment. These results indicate that HGH Plus is exceptionally safe, yet another reason why it has been permitted to be marketed to users over the counter despite containing prescription substances such as somatotrophin.

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