HGH Plus IGF-1 Scam

Is There an Online HGH Plus IGF-1 Scam?

The healthful and beneficial effects of human growth hormone (HGH) have been proven repeatedly throughout decades of intense medical research, and its promotion of lean muscle mass, fat breakdown, enhanced bone mineral density, immune function, and cognition are so well established that the facts hardly bear repeating. Because pituitary output and levels of growth hormone naturally decline throughout adulthood, many individuals are excellent candidates for therapies targeted at promoting serum HGH to normal levels. Restoration of physiologically appropriate HGH levels has been linked to a cessation of many aging-related events, and indeed HGH is now routinely used as an anti-aging therapy.

The Development of HGH Plus IGF-1

To broaden access to the positive effects of HGH to the general population, HGH Plus IGF-1 was developed by leading teams of medical scientists and clinical endocrinologists at a major teaching hospital in the United States. Because of the widespread interest, there has been a great deal of competition between manufacturers of products designed to promote levels of human growth hormone, leading in some cases to the circulation of misinformation and some claims of an online HGH Plus IGF-1 scam.

Nonetheless, rumors of an HGH Plus IGF-1 scam are completely baseless: unlike many other supplements on the market which use amino acids and other precursor compounds to promote growth hormone release by the body, HGH Plus IGF-1 contains an extremely potent cocktail, consisting of actual synthetic recombinant human growth hormone (the sole component of the prescription medication somatotrophin), erythropoietin, insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 (IGF-1 and 2), as well as other growth factors such as bone morphogenic proteins, epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor 8 (FGF-8), and luetenizing hormone releasing peptides. Indeed, HGH Plus IGF-1 stands out from its competitors precisely because it contains purified synthetic human protein hormones all with proven biological activity. Despite this fact, its safety profile was proven to be so outstanding in clinical trials that it has been released as a non-prescription product, facilitating its access by the population at large. It is further differentiated by its route of administration, which allows this potent bioactive mix to enter the bloodstream without the need for invasive HGH injections.

Debunking The Myth of an HGH Plus IGF-1 Scam

Despite some claims of an HGH Plus IGF-1 scam, this is one of only a handful of products whose benefits have been proven in clinical trials. Users of HGH Plus IGF-1 have demonstrated a clinically significant loss of body fat by up to twenty five percent, and an increase in lean muscle mass of at least eight to ten percent, after only three to five weeks of routine administration of HGH Plus IGF-1. These observations were further associated with an extremely low rate of negative side effects, with only less than two percent of all users experiencing headaches and muscle pains after a total of twelve weeks of routine use of HGH Plus IGF-1.

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