HGH Facts

HGH Facts vs. Myth

There are many people that are confused by HGH Facts. There are hundreds of claims floating around out there. Myths and facts can get jumbled up. The facts are simple enough, but sometimes it does take weeding through some myth to get there. A fact of HGH is that is it the most abundant hormone that our bodies produce in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland sits in our heads and decides when its time for us to go into puberty; it does this with the production of HGH among other hormones, such as testosterone for males or estrogen for females. It is made up of over one hundred amino acids; which we all know are our building blocks. It is critical for tissue repair, healing, brain function, energy, metabolism, muscle growth and a plethora of other things. Another fact is that HGH is not a steroid. People with too little HGH are small in stature and people who have too much are large in stature. HGH is often referred to as a “Fountain of Youth” hormone because high levels of this hormone are introduce into our systems, it makes people feel younger. HGH is scientifically known as what causes the high energy levels in children. HGH is offered in various different forms for people to take. Injection, spray or pill are the most common found. There are also homeopathic forms such as Sytropin spray; it is recommended as the best overall spray on the market.

Understanding Common HGH Myths

Not to be confused with HGH Facts, the myths about HGH are widely discussed; some myths are a bit outrageous. One such myth about HGH is that it will turn anyone into a super-human. This is just not so, after all, it’s a hormone, not a steroidwhich some bodybuilders use to gain quantities of lean muscle mass. Whereas, there are supplements out there that are truly supplemental such as GenF20 (click here to read a full GenF20 Review), which is widely recognized as best overall in the supplemental category. The big question on everyone’s mind is: Does it do what it claims it does? HGH does offer increased endurance, mood elevation, better cholesterol levels and wonderful hair growth. All of this is due to the fact that our bodies recognize this hormone and uses it to do these things. That doesn’t mean taking two supplemental pills or using the spray four times is going to pump us up to inhuman levels. Another myth is that once it’s gone it’s gone. Through good eating habits and exercise HGH is produced and all the benefits from it will show. If some is good, then more is better. In this respect, it is best to be informed that move on assumption. Especially, when it concerns health issues. As with any medicine, consulting a physician is the best course before taking it.

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