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HGH Factor vs. Other Top HGH Products

There are many human growth hormone (HGH) products currently on the market. One of the most prolifically sold at present is known as HGH Factor. This supplement is considered to be one of the best, but how does it stack up compared to the other top performers? There are an excessive number of competitors to contend with.

HGH is a necessary complex amino acid produced naturally within the human body. It is responsible for the growth of lean muscle mass, repairs to bodily systems, and the length of the skeleton. As we age we begin to naturally release less of this substance into the body. An HGH product is designed specifically to convince the pituitary gland to release more human growth hormone. This hormone is also known as somatropin. When released people often feel more vital, strong, and capable.

When an HGH supplement is used, anything from an increased capacity to sleep well at night to a tightening of the skin may occur. Between these two concepts lies the growth of muscle, loss of weight, and an increase in overall vitality and immune system response. In short, when the human growth hormone in the body is running at the levels of a youthful individual that body has more raw power and capacity than before.

The aging process does not begin until HGH declines. By restoring those levels in the body many of the ravages of age may be reduced from a minor amount to a major one. While no supplement will be able to perform as well as being directly administered directly injected human growth >hormone supplements, they do perform their intended purpose well.

HGH Factor Versus Genf20

Really, there is no comparison here. Many people would like to claim that Factor is the best overall supplement on the market that allows for a human growth hormone increase. The truth is that it works in a similar but lesser capacity to Genf20. Genf20 has consistently proven to be the best overall HGH supplement on the market test after test.

Each of these supplements has maintained excellent results across the board with older individuals. However, Genf20 remains the winner in all contests conducted by unbiased researchers.

HGH Factor Versus the Rest

While this product can boast awesome results there is at least one other product on the market superior to it at present. This product is the oral spray Sytropin. Sytropin is considered to be the best spray on the market and is useful for anyone that desires quick acting HGH release from the anterior pituitary gland.

There are other products, however, that perform at a lesser capacity. Utopin is a close fourth on the scale coming in just below HGH Factor. It has many of the same ingredients and is capable of being used by almost anyone to receive incredible results. The results are slightly below Factor’s and lower still, than Genf20’s. Still it is a solid product that might work for some that the other three might not work as well for. Though, such individuals are few and far between.

Other products on the market which are highly rated may include GenFX, Biogenica, and Liddel Vital HGH. One of these is a pill form supplement, while the other two are sprays. Neither of them manages to outperform their rival, however.

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