HGH Factor Side Effects

The Potential HGH Factor Side Effects

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is an exceptionally potent hormone released by a tiny gland situated in the brain, the pituitary. Although secreted throughout a person’s life span, its levels are highest during adolescence and puberty, when it promotes the growth of the body (especially the long bones). Levels of HGH steadily decline beginning in a person’s twenties, with accelerating decreases in levels by the thirties and fourties.

In addition to effecting the growth of bones and muscle, HGH also regulates a variety of other important physiologic functions, including promoting the metabolism of fat, regulation of the body’s insulin sensitivity and glucose levels, regulation of muscle strength and turnover, as well as immune function and higher cognitive processes, including attention, focus, and mood. Physiological declines in levels of human growth hormone are thought to be an important component of aging related decreases in mental and physical function.

Although administration of exogenous synthetic human growth hormone (known as somatrophin) is now available and shown to be effective for reversing many of the effects of low physiologic HGH concentrations, this option is comparatively expensive. Furthermore, synthetic growth hormone is a prescription-only medication, and requires injections to be delivered into the body, since it is not well-absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, administration of recombinant HGH requires frequent monitoring of blood levels to ensure that the optimal dose continues to be maintained.

Because of the tremendous interest among many individuals in safely and effectively increasing their body’s growth hormone levels and the limitations of recombinant synthetic HGH, HGH Factor was developed. HGH Factor is a cutting edge, scientifically proven over the counter nutritional supplement containing a potent combination of all natural amino acids and precursor compounds, designed to stimulate the body to release its own endogenous stores of growth hormone. Furthermore, HGH Factor sensitizes the body to the levels of growth hormone that are already circulating, making the cells and tissues more responsive to its benefits.

Users of HGH Factor report increased energy, muscle strength, endurance and stamina, as well as elevated levels of mental awareness, focus, and concentration after as little as one week of consistent use. After two to three weeks of use, many individuals observed a dramatic loss of body fat with increased lean muscle mass. The effects of HGH Factor do not wane with continued administration; in clinical trials, it demonstrated statistically significant effectiveness at up to three months of administration.

HGH Factor Side Effects are rarely observed and mild

Unlike injections of recombinant human growth hormone which are available by prescription only, HGH Factor does not directly deliver the hormone, but rather is composed of a unique blend of ingredients clinically proven to promote the body to secrete its own growth hormone. This means that HGH Factor can be taken orally, since the growth hormone releasers it contains are not destroyed or altered by the acidity and enzymes of the digestive tract. Furthermore, because HGH Factor causes the body to release its own growth hormone, all of the regulatory mechanisms and feedback loops that exist to optimize levels of HGH in the blood are in full effect. Thus, levels of growth hormone with HGH Factor treatment remain at high, yet optimal levels: there is never a need for blood testing, and absolutely no danger of achieving excessively high or toxic levels by taking this supplement.

Unsurprisingly then, HGH Factor Side Effects are few, and far in between. In clinical trials, more than 98 percent of users observed no HGH Factor Side Effects at all. Of the remaining individuals who did observe side effects, these were reported to be mild muscle aches (myalgias) and joint aches (arthalgias) which disappeared after a few days of HGH Factor use.

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