HGH Factor Scam

Is There Really A HGH Factor Scam Online?

The word ‘scam’ is tossed around a great deal online. Sadly, this overused term has lost much of its meaning due to the constant usage. It’s merit has lessened even more due to the misuse of the term. A scam, in a commercial venture at least, is a specific attempt by either a company or an individual to to sell a blatant lie. It is a con game such as selling ocean front property in Kansas. The word scam is especially overused with human growth products. A human growth hormone (HGH) product is not a scam if it simply did not live up to its hype or is supported by poor customer service. There is a difference between a ‘crap’ product and a ‘scam’ one.

How To Decipher Review Sites

There are worse things on the internet than poorly crafted products. Outside of some of obvious and disturbing illegal activities there are places online known as ‘scam review’ sites. These sites come in three varieties. These varieties are divided between the exceptionally rare, honest, site; the common ‘misinformation site, and the blatant sales gimmick site.

The first of these site types is the rarest because it will be a legitimate review site wherein the one reviewing actually used the product or conducted thorough testing. Barring this they may have researched the subject heavily and found several legitimate and respected tests which were conducted on that product. A truly and completely researched review that labels a product a scam can generally be trusted. The problem is discovering these sites amidst a sea of utterly pointless sites that do nothing but confuse the issue.

The second type of site is in existence solely to badmouth a product or exists due to faulty information. The reviewer never tried the product and is simply parroting information they garnered from unreliable sources. This is a very common HGH Factor scam site type.

The third type is the worst of the lot. This site exists solely to tear down one product so that the site owner can sell another. These are the most prolific ‘scam’ sites. On a site such as this it is very common to see a product be made to look like pure garbage. However, the reviewer ‘just happens’ to know of a product that is legitimate and works well.

HGH products such as HGH Factor are constantly being called a scam. This is not true. There is no HGH Factor scam. While there are better products on the market than HGH Factor, notably Genf20, this does not detract from its value. Every single HGH supplemental product on the web that is legal for sale informs the customer that it only helps their body produce HGH naturally. This is true. They may promise many effects but there is also a possibility that these results are real. The truth is that every human body is different and people react differently to medications and supplements. For some individuals HGH Factor may work perfectly. For others it will be a waste of time. However, this does not make it a scam. It makes it a normal product. Just as some people are allergic to penicillin or sunlight, there are people that find HGH supplements rarely work for them in the manner they do for others.

Is There an Online HGH Factor Scam?

There is no HGH Factor scam online. The product may not be as good as Genf20 but it does work, and works well. The only scam being perpetrated is by people trying to make a quick buck by badmouthing products they have never tried in person.

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