HGH Extreme

The Many Benefits of HGH Extreme

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is a protein secreted by the pituitary gland of the brain which regulates a diverse variety of the body’s processes during both development, and adulthood. While the primary effects of growth hormone on children are to cause growth and development, including puberty, in adults growth hormone maintains the strength of muscles, bone density, immune function, protects the heart, promotes immune function, and improves cognitive and mental functions. Levels of growth hormone are low in childhood, highest during adolescence and puberty, and then begin a slow and inexorable decline beginning in a person’s twenties. As a result, many adults have decreased levels of growth hormone, especially as they get older. Indeed, low levels of HGH are thought to be one of the main drivers of aging.

Fortunately, HGH supplementation is highly effective in preventing, or reversing many of these effects. Studies began with the availability of somatrophin, or purified, synthetic growth hormone. Treatment with HGH has been clinically proven to cause weight loss, a reduction in body mass index and body fat, increase in muscle mass and muscle strength, increased energy and stamina when performing physically demanding activities, accelerated recovery after physical exertion, enhanced immune function, as well as a higher level of mental clarity and a sense of mental well being. Consequently, there has been increasing interest over the years in augmenting the body’s natural levels of HGH.

What Make HGH Extreme So Effective?

One particular treatment has been shown to be highly effective for optimizing the levels of growth hormone in the body. This is a product known as HGH Extreme. Developed by leading doctors, scientists and biochemists, HGH Extreme is an easy to use, safe, and exceptionally effective oral spray. Unlike many other products which promote the body to release its own growth hormone, and which are therefore entirely dependent on the correct functioning of a person’s pituitary gland, HGH gland contains purified somatrophin, or synthetic HGH. This is a substance identical to what is produced by the body, or found in HGH injections.

As an oral spray product, HGH Extreme is administered under the tongue, where it is absorbed directly into the body, circumventing the digestive tract. This allows for maximum penetration of somatrophin, as well as a variety of other precursors and amino acids designed to optimize HGH levels, all while bypassing the destructive acid and enzymes of the stomach and digestive tract. This allows for a more appropriate amount of HGH to enter the blood stream.

The Benefits of HGH Extreme

Users of HGH Extreme generally begin to observe some beneficial effects, such as enhanced mental clarity, better sleep, and increased energy and stamina, within less than a week of beginning use. Other effects, such as weight loss, reductions in body fat, and enhanced bone mineral density and immune function, follow within as little as two to three weeks with consistent use. This innovative and advanced product is extremely safe. The vast majority of users report no negative side effects, even with extended use. Of those who do experience side effects, they are generally mild, consisting of joint and muscle aches.

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