HGH Extreme Reviews

HGH Extreme Reviews Agree with Clinical Trial Data on its Beneficial Effects

Occasionally described as the “fountain of youth,” human growth hormone, or HGH, is a potent substance secreted in regulated amounts by the pituitary gland, situated at the base of the brain. Its levels vary throughout the course of the day, and is highest at night, when a person sleeps. More importantly, its average levels vary over the course of development and adult life span, with the highest levels present during childhood, adolescence, and puberty, and declining levels from about twenty years of age onwards.

Despite its name, HGH regulates a wide variety of bodily functions in addition to growth. It is one of the key regulators of overall biochemical metabolism in the body, and thus regulates body composition, fat turnover and metabolism, the sensitivity of the liver and muscles to insulin (and thereby blood sugar levels), as well as muscle strength, endurance, immune function, and the brain; indeed, HGH plays a role in supporting cognitive processes, such as attention, concentration, focus, sleep-wake cycles, and mood. Needless to say, it is an exceptionally important regulator of human biology in all phases of life. Because of this, the natural decreases in circulating levels of growth hormone have been linked to many of the processes associated with aging, including weight and fat gain, decreased muscle mass, and decreased cognitive functions or mood, and medical science has made tremendous efforts to address this problem.

To safely and effectively increase the body’s growth hormone levels, a person can either take exogenous, recombinant synthetic growth hormone (called somatrophin) or secretagogues, substances that cause the body to increase its own endogenous HGH production. Utilizing both of these therapeutic strategies, HGH Extreme was developed by a team of expert clinical scientists and pharmacologists with decades of experience in growth hormone research. It contains both actual synthetic human growth hormone,somatrophin, as well as all natural supplement nutrients which stimulate the body to release its own growth hormone.

HGH Extreme Reviews Corroborate Clinical Trials on Efficacy and Safety

In clinical trials, HGH Extreme administration caused an increase in mental focus and alertness within the first five to seven days of administration. Users were also observed to have statistically significant increases in lean muscle mass, and decreases of body fat by up to twenty five percent, after only three to four weeks of continuous usage. Many users in the clinical trial also reported greater stamina, endurance, and muscle strength, improved skin tone and smoothness, as well as a sense of well-being. These exciting results have been corroborated and verified by “in the field” testing; indeed, HGH Extreme Reviews by users frequently note its impressive effects in increasing lean muscle mass and strength, and its impressive effects in fat reduction. In addition, widespread use of HGH Extreme also suggests that many individuals become more resistant to infections such as the common cold, reflecting improved immune function from elevated levels of growth hormone.

Finally, unlike injectable formulations of synthetic growth hormone, HGH Extreme is intended to be administer under the tongue. This unique mode of administration is not the same as oral administration. Rather, the mucous membranes under the tongue allow for this unique product to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream (parenteral administration), allowing recombinant HGH to enter the body without messy and difficult injections. The nutritional supplements found in HGH Extreme are all natural, and proven to be safe and effective. Unsurprisingly, both randomized clinical trial data and user HGH Extreme Reviews note that side effects are exceptionally rare, and mild when they are encountered. Less than one in one hundred individuals notice any negative side effects whatsoever, and these are largely confined to temporary joint and muscle pains, which lessen and then disappear after a few days.

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