GHR 100

GHR 100 vs. Other HGH Products

There are many reasons why an individual would desire to increase their HGH productivity levels. HGH (human growth hormone) is known as the “anti-aging” hormone. This is due to its capacity to aid in the building of lean muscle mass and restore all the organs and parts of the body. HGH is the primary ingredient in all reconstructive efforts and is in charge of causing damaged cells to become repaired or dead cells to be replaced. This is an important function for the body and is of primary importance in maintaining strength and health. When human growth hormone levels begin to decline naturally the body is more prone to extended damage and disease.

What HGH Can Do For You

Human growth hormone naturally declines over time. At the age of twenty the average human being will produce between four hundred and five hundred micrograms of HGH per day. This is accomplished via the anterior pituitary gland. The reason that so much of this hormone is produced is that the body is still growing into its final adult form. In truth this is a holdover from the growth spurts of youth and as such for a decade or two in their twenties and early thirties most people will be at their physical peak. However, as time goes by the anterior pituitary gland will begin to produce less of this hormone. By the time that age forty roles around that same individual might only produce two hundred micrograms of HGH per day. At the age of eighty this same individual will be quite lucky to be able to manifest twenty five micrograms a day.

These numbers are correct. At age twenty the average human being can produce around twenty times the amount of growth hormone that they will be normally capable of at age eighty.

To fight this steady decline that seems to be ingrained within our genetics there are substances known as somatropin that can be injected into the blood stream to give synthetic aid to the HGH of the body. Somatropin is also known as recombinant human growth hormone. This is a synthetic hormone that can be used quite safely in most cases, barring abuse, to aid an individual in physical therapy or to restore some of their lost strength. This is a very expensive procedure however.

Most people would prefer to purchase what are known as HGH products. These supplemental aids such as the very popular GHR 100 are found in three primary forms. These forms are HGH sprays, HGH pills and HGH tablets, or creams. These varying products have their usages. Sprays for instance are considered to be faster acting that pills and tablets. However, they are also shorter in duration for the most part. A few of them are longer lasting such as Sytropin but most are a quick hit of amino acids that stimulate the anterior pituitary gland. Pills and tablets seem to take a few months to reach their peak performance level but this is a much longer lasting effect once it has occurred as well. Creams seem to confuse people and to be honest few of them do more than smell bad.

Comparing GHR 100 to Other Products

No matter which type of HGH product you choose to use whether it is a pill like GHR 100, or a spray like Sytropin, the end result is a healthier and fitter you. Hair will become shinier, skin will tighten, muscle will begin to grow a little faster, and body fat will be easier to remove. The end result is health and fitness, no matter what.

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