What is GABA?

GABA (gama-aminobutyric acid) is the calming ingredient found in the brain that reduces stress and anxiety, induces relaxation and enhances alertness. It is an HGH releaser and one of four major neurotransmitters that controls all other neurotransmitters. GABA aids the body by increasing HGH levels as it stimulates the anterior pituitary and in turn secretes the growth hormone. Studies have shown that GABA is able to increase HGH levels by up to 5 times. When suffering from a deficiency, someone may experience irritability, anxiety, headaches, palpitations, hypertension, decreased sex drive, seizures, depression and heart disorders.

The production of HGH (human growth hormone) usually decreases as someone ages and by the age of 40 many people suffer from sleep disorders. GABA aids in muscle strengthening and fat cell preventing, both of which prevent sleep disorders as well as geriatric complications.

Sytropin – The Leading HGH Oral Supplement Spray with GABA

Sytropin HGH oral supplement spray provides results like those of the injectable HGH that a doctor would prescribed, but in a easy-to-use and convenient spray. Sytropin has a good reputation and is recommended most often by physicians and researchers. This HGH helps to reduce body fat, reverse aging signs and increase muscle mass, better sleep quality, strengthen the immune system and better mental annuity.

Benefits of using Sytropin include:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Increase in lean muscle mass
  3. Improvement in sexual performance
  4. Stronger bones
  5. Younger looking skin
  6. Reduction of wrinkles
  7. Better sleep
  8. Improved memory
  9. Lower bad cholesterol/ increased good cholesterol
  10. Reduction of effects and signs of aging

GenF20- The Leading HGH Supplement with GABA

The formula found in GenF20 aids in boosting the body’s defenses that target the aging process by helping the pituitary gland to produce HGH that is needed. Because of this, it has become an HGH releaser that is highly recommended. It provides an alternative to risky and expensive injections. GenF20 is all natural and the side effects that are experienced are only positive ones, all of which help the body look and feel younger. When taking this supplement, it works by performing as a releaser causing the body to be able to make more human growth hormone on its own. GenF20 is made of a special proprietary blend that is made of balanced nutrients that are proven to increase adult levels of HGH.

Benefits of using GenF20 supplement include:

  1. Improved immune system
  2. Hair re-pigmentation
  3. Vision improvement
  4. Increase bone density that lessens risk of osteoporosis
  5. Decreased cholesterol levels
  6. Improvement in memory
  7. Increased sex drive
  8. Greater lean muscle mass
  9. Better sleep
  10. Increased physical and mental well being
  11. Decreased age spots and wrinkles
  12. Improvement in mood
  13. Less fatigue and depression
  14. Youthful looking skin

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