GABA Anxiety

Understanding GABA and Anxiety

Anxiety is a very hard emotion to live with, there are so many different symptoms that comes with anxiety that some people even fear that they are having a heart attack because it. Your palms are clammy, your forehead is sweaty, your insides feel all shaky, you possibly feel afraid, and you have no idea why. You are not alone; there are many people that feel exactly the same way. Some people are even littered with daily anxiety attacks that leave them clinging to their homes afraid to go out in public.

It is possible that one thing could be causing the whole mess of symptoms. If you feeling irritable or depressed or are having other issues such as headaches, heart disorders, palpitations, High Blood Pressure, a lower sex drive or even seizures than low levels of HGH levels could be to blame. As a person grows older there becomes a deficiency is human hormone levels. (HGH) By the time, a person reaches 40 years old they are already losing HGH levels, by the time they are 80, HGH levels have decreased by 95 percent.

GABA / Anxiety The Connection

When there is a drop in HGH levels, GABA is one of the first things that is looked into. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is one of the four key chemical transmitters in the brain. It is also one of the most important ones since it keeps the other transmitters leveled. GABA keeps a person’s mind alert, reduces stress and keeps anxiety at bay. It also helps to control muscles and supports a person’s visual system. People who have a reduction of GABA levels in their brain end up feeling irritable a lot of them time and can even feel very unfocused at work and at home.

GABA: Anxiety and Treatment

Typically, a person can find treatment for anxiety and HGH deficiency through medications like Sytropin or GenF20. However, some foods can help with increasing HGH levels as well such as Oats, Whole Grains, Brown Rice, Oranges, Bananas, Almonds, Walnuts and Spinach. Add helpings of these foods to your diets daily to help restore HGH levels. However, for better results try these medications.

Sytropin is a medication, which is available over-the-counter, that can also help with restoring HGH levels. Sytropin promotes the pituitary gland to produce more HGH so that a person can obtain better health. There are many positive aspects to taking Sytropin. Here are a few:

Helps older women to avoid osteoporosis
Raises energy levels, thereby helping a person to obtain more focus
Increases memory
Enhances sexual desire
Promotes cell regeneration in the bones, muscles and organs along with proving support to the immune system
Increases cardiovascular health
Promotes hair growth
GenF20 is another medication that can help a person dealing with the loss of HGH levels. GenF20 is also a medication that is sold over-the-counter and has a high number when it comes to helping to increase HGH levels. Here are some of its positive results:

Better sleep
Healthier, younger looking skin
A decrease in cholesterol
Stronger bones, leaner muscle and a stronger immune system
More happiness in life, more focus, better mental sharpness and healthier vision
Provides hair restoration, along with conditioning and color
Is there a connection between GABA and Anxiety and can these HGH products have positive effects? There seems to be a slight connection, but there needs to be more in depth studies to know for sure

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