Free Radical Scavenger – An Honest Review

FRS is the newest healthy way to get fit and improve your health at the same time. It is a tasty sensation and supplement that boosts energy, enhances fitness, and supports the immune system.

This revolutionary formula was designed by doctors at a university to help increase the stamina of athletes in a natural blend of vitamins and antioxidants. FRS uses antioxidants to fight off the free radicals that our bodies form as waste products.

FRS is short for Free Radical Scavenger. If these free radicals are allowed to ravish the body, they can attack healthy cells and cause major life threatening disease such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular health issues. Free radicals effect brain cells, memory, and energy levels.

What FRS Can Do For You

As a truly enhancing supplement, FRS is breaking records everyday. The magic ingredient is quercetin. It is an antioxidant that is found in fruits and vegetables like apples, blueberries, and grapes.

Cancer patients have also been studied and found to be stronger while taking FRS during their treatments. The patients who were studied were in advanced stages of their cancers and didn’t feel as tired as they normally would while taking the intense chemotherapy that their bodies had to sustain.

The FRS Healthy Energy actually gave them more energy.

But, there is no way you could eat enough to give you the powerful amounts that FRS has packed into its formula. For instance you would have to eat about 40 apples a day to get the amount that this unique formula has in one serving.

Quercetin digs deep into the cell effecting the mitochondria the same way exercising does. The mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. As it cleans the cell and generates new energy at the cellular level, quercetin provides a natural boost of energy.

The proprietary blend works in unison with mitochondria to boost its energy production properties. As a daily supplement, it will provide sustained, natural energy, as well as enhanced immune system support.

Studies have shown that when taking this blend of nutrients, participants had less viral illness, less fatigue, better performance, increased concentration, and increased power output.

FRS and Celebrities

FRS has turned many athletes into huge fans already. Lance Armstrong, Derek Fisher, and many more support the benefits of the Free Radical Scavenger. Even major league teams like the NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, and AVP love the amazing effects that players have witnessed.

There are no jitters or crashing to create reverse effects, so athletes enjoy a much smoother transition into their maximum energy zone.

Get your FRS fix in one of four easy to consume ways. The makers have made it easy to enjoy a nutritious serving of 250-325 mg of quercetin that suits your personal needs.

The Drink can be purchased in a powder form and mixed with water or purchased in a can for immediate use. There are currently five flavors available.

Three of the five flavors are low calorie, only 25 calories per serving. There are also fruit flavored FRS chews that can be easily stored at work, in a purse or wallet. These are great during long bike rides or even marathon running. The FRS Energy Drink is also available in a liquid concentrate.

The FRS Energy Drink concentrate, has a thicker texture and resembles a fruit juice. Most people enjoy the taste, and do not find it to have any kind of bad aftertaste. The powder form can easily be mixed into a bottle of water.

Ready to drink from the can are six tasty flavors of orange, low calorie orange, low calorie citrus pomegranate, lemon lime, low calorie wild berry, and low calorie mango. Orange, low calorie orange and peach mango also come in concentrate.

There are individually wrapped chews also available, which are great for travel. No water is required. Each 30-count bag has 15 servings.

Have a yummy smoothie with the powdered drink mix in orange, lemon lime and wild berry. If there is no time, try a soft chew in pomegranate blueberry, pineapple mango, orange, and lemon lime.

How The FRS Drink Gives You Energy Without The Crash

FRS Drink has found a way to eliminate those bad side effects and isolate the good part of an energy drink- feeling motivated and awake in a safe, stable way. Not to mention it has multiple vitamins that help your body overall, rather than packing your system full of sugars.

So what’s the big secret? FRS Drink contains quercetin, an antioxidant found in everyday fruits and vegetables.

In those fruits and vegetables, it helps with energy levels and overall body health, encouraging your system to produce more energy cells and it offers the same benefits in this energy drink.

Quercetin naturally helps your body produce more energy, in the same safe way that exercise does the same thing.

In keeping with the natural helping of your body, it is recommended for those who live active lifestyles, athletes, and even people who want a little kick during the day to help them function.

No matter what your lifestyle may be, FRS Drink has something to suit your needs. If you prefer a single can, or a concentrate, powder mix, or even a soft chew, they have all the options.

Even better, they come in so many different flavors that there must be one for every taste craving. Even the flavors are healthy fruits, like orange or pomegranate, keeping that same idea of natural things producing energy consistent in every product.

The best part is, FRS Drink contains less than half a cup of coffee’s caffeine level, an ingredient other energy drinks revolve around. It is instead used as a supplement to enhance the other ingredients, rather than being used to boost your energy itself.

Overall, FRS Drink is a refreshing new kind of energy drink that focuses more on natural health and natural flow of energy rather than providing a short burst of alertness followed by a crash.

This is a healthy, safe energy drink that will hopefully change the market to a healthier pace, because FRS Drink has the right idea.

What is Quercetin?

Quercetin is a powerful anti-oxidant found in some fruits such as blueberries, grapes, and apples. It is also found in foods such as red onions. Research indicates that quercetin has natural energy producing properties.

Due to quercetin working at a natural level with your own body’s energy producing ability, quercetin provides not only an immediate energy boost, but acts also as a long-term energizer.

The amount of quercetin found in one serving of FRS Healthy Energy Drink, 325mg, equates to the same amount found in approximately one hundred apples. Quercetin is also proven to have anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties.

When isolated, and used as a dietary supplement, quercetin provides numerous benefits beyond its energy-producing properties.

The Difference

What makes this revolutionary energy drink different from others is the unique ingredient quercetin, combined with a proprietary formula of vitamins. Clinical studies revealed that the quercetin in FRS Healthy Energy Drink not only increased endurance by 13.2 percent, but also affected VO2Max, a common measure of fitness, by 3.9 percent.

The amount of quercetin supplement required to produce these results is equivalent to that found in 3 cans of FRS Healthy Energy Drink. Not all quercetin is created equal, which is why the quercetin used in FRS Healthy Energy Drink is restricted to QU995, the purest, most potent form of quercetin available.

Quercetin is then formulated with a proprietary blend of vitamins, anti-oxidants, green tea extract, and metabolic enhancers that support and increase absorption.

Who Should Drink FRS Healthy Energy Drink

Anyone who needs an additional energy boost during the day. Whether an energizer to get through the work day, or additional energy and stamina for athletic events and training.

The additional benefits beyond its energy boosting properties make it an excellent daily supplement to add to a good diet and exercise program.

The Most Popular FRS Healthy Energy Ingredients

Of the many FRS Healthy Energy Ingredients, the one that garners the most attention by far would be quercetin. This is a flavonoid that can be found in many unique types of foods including capers, lovage and lingonberries.

Flavonoids are a type of compound which, when part of a healthy diet, helps to reduce the risks of certain types of diseases including cancer.

An antioxidant is a molecule that, among other benefits, will help prevent or slow the process of oxidation within cells. Slowing this process has been proven to help prevent cancer from forming.

Because quercetin is the most abundant of the FRS Health Energy Ingredients, it passes almost all of these benefits onto the person consuming it.

The concentration of the ingredient in the various forms of the product are hard to acquire without such a special mixture. In fact, it would take more than 40 apples to achieve the same levels of quercetin.

Adding this almost pure antioxidant into the formula helps boost what is already a very powerful source of energy and nutrition.

The Most Benificial FRS Healthy Energy Ingredients

Some of the other FRS Healthy Energy Ingredients include a selection of essential vitamins and minerals. These are important aids to the metabolism when fighting fatigue.

They are also vital in helping the body absorb some of the other ingredients. They subtly enhance the natural energy that the quercetin is providing.

Another of the FRS Healthy Energy Ingredients is caffeine. Each can contains the same amount as one half cup of coffee. The caffeine is used to stimulate the metabolism.

Once the metabolism is started, it will quickly absorb all of the quercetin and vitamins that are necessary to create the potent stream of energy promised.

All of the FRS Healthy Energy Ingredients work in combination to help generate natural, long lasting energy. Add the health benefits of the free radial scavengers, and the drink becomes the perfect way to start every day.

How Does It Taste?

FRS drinks are more like juices than a punch. The texture and taste is very similar to that of a fruit juice, rather than a watery fruit flavored drink. This is because of the concentration of the fruit juices that they use.

The sweetness of it does not overpower the flavor, and makes it easier to drink. The powders and concentrates were ideal for people that wanted a stronger or milder taste, as they could mix it according to taste.

How Much Energy Do You Really Get?

That is the primary question asked regarding this product. The reports of all day energy increase are incredible. Even people that do extreme workouts report that even though their muscles are tired, they are alert and their minds energized.

Some use a powder before a workout then follow it up with a chew afterward. How you use it is up to you and your individual demands. Compared to the quick high achieved by other energy boosters, these supplements are far better.

People normally develop a type of tolerance for energy supplements, after taking them for a couple days or a week. FRS users have reported that after months of use they are still just as energized by the product.

FRS Healthy Energy Scam

The FRS Healthy Energy Scam is everywhere in the news these days. Why you ask? There is good reason to believe that FRS was not a real scam at all. Many consumers had issue with the company after a free trial was offered to consumers.

It seemed the FRS product was not so free after all. Several consumers continued to be charged long after the product was supposed to stop charging. People wrote the FRS company stating that they had been a victim of the FRS Healthy Energy Scam.

FRS did compensate the consumers. The issue was that the billing continued and several people did not receive the product when they were charged. Would you call that a scam? Many have in fact.

If you Google “FRS Healthy Energy Scam” you will see countless complaints filled against the company.

This was not what they expected. When the customers ordered the FRS product, they expected to receive a product that would help their health.

The product should be a way to get rid of dangerous toxins in the body. It is supposed to be an anti-oxidant. It boasts that you can eat 40 apples a day and get what this product delivers in one dose. That is a very big claim.

So is the FRS Healthy Energy Scam real? While some people would realize that any product claiming to deliver something quick for something great, several still fall for this sort of scam everyday. It is regrettable. This is not a real scam. It was simply a misunderstanding.

So, Is There Really a Scam? Absolutly Not!

While a few customers did get a form letter apologizing for the failure, most consumers are furious. Still others have not received anything. All of the consumers have received their money as a refund. This was simply a misunderstanding on the part of the company to comply with the most basic of consumers laws.

These laws are set forth to protect consumers. The fear of the scam was a big deal to these people. Consumers became even more concerned recently when a local complaint was filled with the Better Business Bureau against the company.

It seems the company failed to respond to the Better Business Bureau attempt to get help for the scammed consumers. The Better Business Bureau tries to contact any company that a complaint is filled against.

If the company fails to respond this means nothing at all. This is why this news is so grave. The Better Business Bureau often is unable to reach a company for many reasons that are not scam related.

So while it really looked like it was a problem, it was simply a grave misunderstanding. If you have an issue simply contact the company and file a complaint. You will get your money back.

The Side Effects

The product, in all of it’s various available forms, is made from the highest quality ingredients that are available. Still, with so many different types of body chemistry, it is inevitable that there will be certain people that should avoid using the product despite the benefits.

The few side effects that exist are not directly applicable to most healthy adults. They are very dependent on the types of medications and allergies that individuals may have. They are also not side effects caused directly by the drink, but rather are technical aspects of the individual ingredients.

The first ingredient to be aware of are food dyes. There are small amounts of food dye in the beverage. If you suffer from a severe allergy to food dyes, then the product should be avoided.

An ingredient that may have a more widespread cause for concern is caffeine. This is added to the drink in order to help jump start the metabolism so the vitamins and quercetin are absorbed more readily.

If you have a high sensitivity to caffeine, then you may experience mild side effects. The amount of caffeine in a single can is equivalent to one half cup of coffee.

Quercetin causes a few side effects which are dependent on the types of medication that are being taken. There are some studies which suggest that quercetin may interact with antibiotics.

It is currently unclear whether this actually has any real effect, but it is known to have some type of interaction.

Quercetin also interacts with certain metabolic enzymes. This is part of the benefit it provides and is one of the key factors which helps it develop natural energy for the person consuming it.

However, there are some inconclusive studies which suggest it may increase the effects of some medications that are taken while it is active in the system. This has not been proven, though.

Unlike other energy drinks, there is no “crash” as the liquid passes through your system. The energy produced is natural and long-lasting. There are also no known side effects from the sweetener that is used.

It is important to drink the product only within reasonable limits, however. Most people will not experience any side effects if they take the recommended dosage. Exceeding that dosage may cause the normal side effects associated with drinking too much caffeine.

So, Are There Side Effects? The Answer is Clearly No

For healthy, athletic adults without specific allergies, there really are no side effects. It is an all natural drink that is made with some of the best ingredients available today.

The health benefits of it’s antioxidants and vitamins are hard to resist. Use the drink appropriately, and it will enhance your stamina and help your body fight disease.

Why It Is A Great Product

Aside from the various advertisement deals and other marketing strategies to make it more of a household name when it comes to popular energy drinks, this brand has also put together one of the best teams of scientists to come up with some of the most important active ingredients available in nature itself.

The company claims that the antioxidant they use in FRS is a natural substance found in the skin of apples, onions and blueberries and that it helps your body to keep the adrenaline that your organism will automatically create so you won’t disperse this energy.

If you are interested in this drink but would like to know much more than just what they tell you about it in the company’s website itself, you may even look for reviews and other blogs online that are talking about their experience with it themselves.

You will be able to have an insider’s point of view from those who tried it and now are telling the world how their experience worked out to be like.

Another great question to ask ourselves related to this product and the figure that is endorsing. Since we all know how much Lance Armstrong knows about body performance and how important it is, could we possibly doubt his experience and word because of our suspicious ideas about energy drinks and their real effects?

He has been quoted as saying that he used to drink things like Gatorade, PowerAde etc. but now he’s added FRS Lance. Lance actually looked into the product and what it contained.

If he says it is worthwhile and he drinks it there shouldn’t be any problem with anyone else taking it. Lance Armstrong is even sitting on the Board of Directors of FRS now. He really must approve of the stuff.

The answer to this question and others lie in experience itself. If you would like to know how your own body reacts to this energy drink, you should make sure you know exactly how to try it and order a free sample, leaving doubt behind and facing the truth for yourself, and of course, let everyone know about it.

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