Electric Airsoft Machine Guns

The days of heading out into the woods with a few buddies each with a Red Ryder in hand to have BB gun wars are now gone with the emergence and gaining popularity of Airsoft. Airsoft guns shoot small plastic BB’s which are 6mm and weigh anywhere from .12 grams up to .25 grams and are available in various colors and in some cases are even biodegradable.

Airsoft guns come in many different models and styles of varying quality and shooting style. The premiere being electric airsoft machine guns, sometimes called “AEGs” are capable of a tremendously high rate of fire while maintaining a high muzzle velocity. Whether it’s an MP5, ak-47, M4, uzi or P-90 there is an electric machine gun designed after your favorite real life machine guns.

Typically an electric machine gun is capable of shooting in the 300fps (feet per second) range and a rate of fire of roughly 15 rounds per second. Most electric machine guns operate off of an internal rechargeable battery with a charger included to offer long shooting time without the purchase of standard batteries.

Electric airsoft machine guns are a new addition to the arsenal of many replacing the old Red Ryders and crossman airguns as they are safer by no longer shooting metal BBs and are more fun to shoot as they can achieve much higher rates of fire and similar velocity. With an electric airsoft machine gun in your hands, you will feel invincible playing airsoft with your buddies. Will there be an electric airsoft machine gun on your Christmas list?

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