Creating A Hands Free Cell Phone Revolution

Technology has created some remarkable inventions. The choices of these new gadgets are many. The average customer can spend a fortune on acquiring different new items to try hoping that that new invention will provide some help or solutions to their unique problems in everyday life.

Almost all of these advertised solutions to everyday problems don’t live up to their claims. The general trend is advertise the product, promise something great, offer a outrageous warranty, get the customers money and disappear never to be heard of again leaving the customer with a product that falls short in each and every way that it was promised to provide outstanding service and features.

In this modern age that is truly how most new inventions are marketed and presented to the general public to fleece them out of their hard earned cash.

Well, with all that said and done there’s a few times that a product comes onto the market making some claims and actually living up to the unique features and promises made by its’ manufacturer.


The inventor of Jupiter Jack, Jason Bob of Huntington Beach California had seen it all, really! He owned a business that sold cell phone accessories. After enjoying a device that allowed him to listen to his iPod over his car radio speakers for some time, he just assumed someone made one that would do the same thing for the cell phone.

When he learned that there wasn’t, he invented Jupiter Jack with the help of Peter Lee, an engineer specializing in products for the hearing impaired.

My review would be remiss without the mentioning of the marketing history. The device was one of the subjects of the “Jaws of Victory” episode of the Discovery Channel’s new hit show, “Pitchmen”.

The stars of “Pitchmen” were Billy Mays (who died unexpectedly on June 28, 2009) and Anthony “Sully” Sullivan. During this episode, we learn that the inventor, Jason Bobb, was motivated to market it by his dying friend’s wish to see that the device becomes a success.

We also learn that the original name for Jupiter Jack was “Black Jack” but this had to be changed to satisfy patent requirements. After Jason Bobb pitches the device to AJ Khubani, founder and CEO of TeleBrands, the “As Seen On TV” marketing company, he is given an immediate marketing opportunity and the Jupiter Jack sales campaign is launched.

What Makes Jupiter Jack So Useful

Jupiter Jack is a fantastic invention. It is an accessory for your car that turns almost any cell phone into a hands free phone, by plugging the units into the place on your cell phone where your headset would normally plug into and tuning your car stereo to 99.3 FM.

That’s all there is to it! It’s that simple now you’re ready to hear your calls in a safe hands free environment and through the clear and balanced sound of your car audio system. Jupiter Jack lives up to everything promised and more.

The product is created in an environment that has strong quality control measures in place. This allows a superior product created just for your needs. Jupiter Jack is a device sweeping the market from coast to coast and helping its users to enjoy the use of their cell phones in a way that is unique and innovative.

What You Get With Jupiter Jack

Jupiter Jack comes with everything you need to provide you with years of outstanding performance.

In most States the growing trend has been to make it illegal to operate a cell phone unit while driving unless the unit is a hands free device.

The problem with most of these cell phones that are hands free is that they don’t provide the clear and definable reproduction of the caller you’re speaking with and in some vehicles the road noise that enters the cab of the vehicle cancels out your ability to hear the caller, even if the phone is at full volume.

This problem is a thing of the past with this new solution. Hearing your calls and the caller’s voice will be easy as 1, 2, 3. The clear sound coming through your car audio speakers allows you to adjust the voice of the caller to be a custom and rich filling sound.

No more garbled speech; just a clear and enjoyable call. Not offered in any store, this product is available to you through this unique promotion. The choice is clear for a quality product and a superior hands free operation of your personal cell phone.

Jupiter Jack and iPhones

Jupiter Jack and iPhones are highly compatible. When I discovered that there was a product like Jupiter Jack, I was thrilled to learn that there’s a product that could work for my car. My iPhone had never been able to work in my car.

When I discovered this new invention, I was really happy to find that it worked with my iPhone perfectly. First I needed to test it out. I called a friend who had the Jupiter jack and tried it for myself. Here is the review of the Jupiter jack in the iPhone.

It took me only 5 minutes to install the product. Installation basically consists of plugging your phone, in this case the iPhone. After that you select one of the two radio stations that it offers on your car radio. That’s all there is to installing the Jupiter Jack.

Now I wanted to try and see how it worked. My concern was if the clarity of the voice would work with it. So I made a phone call with my cell phone. Calling out to somebody that was listed in my contacts on the iPhone was perfect.

The clarity was just as if the person was right in the car with me. In fact, the clarity sounded better than in most cases on speakerphone or using a Bluetooth device. It was also better than using the speakerphone. They worked perfectly together.

My Experience Jupiter Jack and the iPhone

Next I needed to try how it sounded for me having an incoming call. I asked my friend to call my phone while I had JJ installed and working. The incoming call worked perfectly. That was it for me I was sold on the product.

I went and bought my own copy of Jupiter jack which cost me about $19.00. When it arrived I was naturally surprised and quickly unwrapped it. There was no complicated installation manual to read through, and I was able to go right out to my car and try it out.

My neighbors were outside and were wondering what new gadget I had this time. I showed them the Jupiter Jack and they were impressed with how simple it was to install.

I now use it whenever I’m driving in my car.

You will need to install a dashboard mounting device in which to secure your phone. This is best placed nearest the radio.

If you’re considering getting it, I would highly recommend it. It worked perfectly with the iPhone. It also works with other phones. It comes with adapters to use with other phones. So no matter what kind of phone you have, odds are the product has an adapter that will work with your phone.

This includes all cell phones. So if you have a blackberry cell phone you can use JJ. It works on the Blackberry just like the Jupiter Jack and iPhones work together.

While many people say that the product is not compatible with iPhones, I disagree. It worked perfectly for me. Installation was simple. It worked better than the Bluetooth device that I have been using. The clarity was perfect both on incoming calls as well as outgoing calls. When you consider the price you really can’t go wrong.

So if you are looking for a hands free device for your car and you have an iPhone, then Jupiter Jack work perfectly for your needs. In the world today where hands free devices for the car and cell phones are becoming increasingly important, products like these are priceless.

Considering it’s only about 19 bucks, that’s pretty cheap. The quality of Jupiter jack is not cheap however. It works like a device that cost normally over $100. So as far as this goes, my review for this would be five stars out of five. It’s efficient, inexpensive and essential in today’s world.

Jupiter Jack Buy 1 Get 1 Free

As if Jupiter Jack wasn’t enough, the JJ Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer can equip two cars for the price of one with hands-free cell phone capability. With statistics showing that U.S. households have an average of 2.28 cars per household in the U.S, it is likely that you have more than one car.

Many states now have laws requiring you to keep your hands on the wheel. Many drivers are simply uncomfortable with trying to use their cell phone handset and operate their vehicle.

Jupiter Jack addresses both needs.

How is it Better?

Unlike other hands free devices that you have to wear, once you have Jupiter Jack installed, you don’t have to search around for the right buttons or worry about falling off your ear or head.

That little mishap wreaks all sorts of havoc if it happens in the middle of a conversation in a moving vehicle. And there are no wires or cables to untangle and keep track of. These days, with so many personal electronic devices in our lives, it is nice to have one that does not require a leash!

Common Jupiter Jack Complaints

Jupiter Jack Complaints came in when there was only the ability to have one radio frequency option but with all companies there is room for product improvement and that’s exactly what has happened, consumers now have the available options of several radio frequencies so you’re guaranteed to find frequency that doesn’t have a local radio station broadcasting on it.

The device comes from a company that also has great customer service tactics, the company offers a direct customer service number to consumers in case of questions or problems and the wait time is usually no more than two minutes and you are speaking to an actual person and not a machine.

The only thing that you can’t do with Jupiter Jack is have a private conversation when others are in the car with you so if that’s seriously a problem then you always have the option of unhooking it.

The device also comes with three different adapters for cell phones that are not automatically compatible so the company has done its research to provide an excellent product that everyone can utilize and keeps getting better.

Consumers that have tested the Jupiter Jack product have had mixed reviews regarding the product. According to most reports, the Jupiter Jack performs the task as advertised.

Some consumers reported that the receiving caller could not even detect that the caller was using the device. Another notable feature was the ability to listen to an iPod’s play list through existing radio speakers without purchasing an expensive device.

Consumers however did report several Jupiter Jack problems. Many consumers complained that the adapter would often slip out of the phone from the sheer weight of the device on top.

Also, because of the design there is no clear place to place the phone within the vehicle or in the home to ensure the device is held in properly.

The product is designed purely for its functionality; therefore, it is not designed to conform with the current design of the phone. This problem could perhaps be addressed in the next design phase.The Jupiter Jack Device Guarantee

I have no worries about the quality of the Device. This is true especially after testing it out in my Jeep. Jupiter Jack comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This put my mind at ease as well. When I got back from my day at the beach I promptly ordered a few Jupiter Jacks for my wife and some family members.

I thought this would make good gifts for the holidays. The safety of my family is of the utmost importance and this would enhance their safety tremendously. The thought of my loved ones being able to drive around and talk on their phones hands free puts my mind at ease.

At the time of this review, Jupiter Jack can be purchased at a variety of internet sites as well as in many different stores that carry “As Seen On TV” brand products, i.e., Walmart, Walgreens, Sears, etc.

Generally, when ordering Jupiter Jack from an internet web site, the purchase price ranges from $10.00 to $19.99 plus, shipping and handling (usually about $6.99). On-line deals may include a two-for-one price (you pay for extra shipping and handling charges) or a bonus dashboard cell phone mount or other accessory.

In-store prices are usually $19.99 for one Jupiter Jack, but may vary depending on the vendor. Generally, in-store purchases do not include bonus accessory items or the two-for-one deal.

Compare to most Bluetooth devices at prices of up to 5 times or more of this amount. This makes Jupiter Jack an incredibly cheap alternative to hands free cellular phone use while driving!

Jupiter Jack Scam

After seeing the infomercial about this new item, I knew I really wanted to try it. One of my friends saw the box when it arrived and said “Oh, you ordered that Scam!” and he laughed at me. I just smiled and told him we would find out the quality of the Jupiter Jack soon enough.

I hooked up the product in my car and made a call. The sound clarity was surprisingly good and I could hear my wife on the phone clearly through my stereo Speakers. I didn’t really expect the quality to be that good but I was mistaken. After I finished talking to my wife, I hung up and called my friend that laughed at me earlier.

When my friend picked up the Phone, I was once again impressed with the clear reception. I told him “Hey I’m calling you from the scam product…” Then I laughed.

He said “No way, the sound is so clear!”

I said “Yes well I guess we know it isn’t a scam at all now, eh?”

He then hung up.

Why I Tried the Jupiter Jack

The reason I ordered one of these was because I am always thinking about how dangerous it is talking on the cell phone while driving. With this, I can talk hands free and keep both hands on the wheel. I don’t have to buy any expensive equipment from the cell phone shop or car dealership in order to go hands free.

Another thing that put my mind at ease was the satisfaction guarantee by the manufacturer. Not many products have such a good guarantee nowadays. Once I used it I knew it was a quality item.

Another cool thing about this hands free item is there was no complicated installation. I didn’t have to do anything at all to my car. I just plugged the jack into my phone and it was ready to go. It had no scary wiring or complicated manuals to follow to make it work.

Additional Benefits

Jupiter Jack also has the benefit of bringing you into compliance with state laws that do not allow you to use a cell phone while driving. There is also a dash mounting system that allows you to put your cell phone and Jupiter Jack in easy reach while driving.

To summarize how the Jupiter Jack works, it connects to your cell phone, it plays the sound through your car stereo speakers, and it enables easy hands free use of your cell phone. This is an excellent solution for anyone needing a simple, inexpensive hands free solution for their cell phone.

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