Cloud Nine HGH

Is Cloud Nine HGH Effective?

An individual’s levels of growth hormone fluctuates dramatically. In everyone, levels are are cyclical throughout the day, lowest when an individual is active, and most highly secreted at night, during deep sleep. However, levels of growth hormone also vary over the course of years it is comparatively low in children, highest during the teenage years, and then slowly wanes as a person enters their twenties and thirties, with increasing declines over the decades. Despite its name though, growth hormone regulates far more than just the growth in a person’s height. It is a potent regulator of muscle mass and total lean body mass, bone mineral density, energy metabolism and the storage or use of fat, exercise endurance, stamina, and strength, blood sugar levels, skin tone, immune function, as well as higher cerebral functions such as attention, focus, and even mood.

A relative lack of growth hormone is associated with weight gain and the accumulation of fat, loss of muscle tone, strength, and stamina, delayed recovery from exercise and training, coarsening skin tone and slow healing, an elevated blood glucose level, as well as depressed mood, a lack of attention, focus, and energy. Other studies have shown that growth hormone deficiency is associated with a susceptibility to infections such as the common cold. Needless to say, growth hormone deficiency is believed to be one of the leading causes of the aging phenomenon; fortunately, original research into individuals who had genetic defects in growth hormone deficiency (childhood dwarfism) has revealed a number of techniques for supplementing and enhancing the body’s levels of growth hormone. More recent medical research indicates that many of the problems associated with growth hormone deficiency are completely reversible when levels of this crucial hormone are corrected.

The Benefits of Cloud Nine HGH

Although synthetic growth hormone (produced using recombinant DNA technology) is available, it is comparatively expensive, and requires needles for injection, as it is a protein which is destroyed by the digestive tract. Furthermore, growth hormone injections require the monitoring of blood levels to ensure that toxicity from overdosage does not occur. Unlike prescription growth hormone injections, Cloud Nine HGH is a safe, and easy to use nutritional supplement, available over the counter. Developed by leading teams of clinical scientists and pharmacologists to meet the need for individuals to safely and effectively supplement their blood levels of growth hormone, Cloud Nine HGH is a unique blend of all-natural amino acids and precursor supplement compounds; the combination has an outstanding track record of safety.

This HGH supplement can be taken orally, as it is specially formulated to resist the acids and enzymes of the stomach and intestines. Rapidly and completely absorbed, it easily enters the bloodstream to stimulate the hypothalamus and pituitary glands of the brain. Together, these two glands are responsible for the regulation and endogenous secretion of growth hormone. Cloud Nine HGH has been shown in double-blind clinical trials to raise endogenous blood levels of HGH by stimulating these areas of the brain. Furthermore, because it uses the body’s own growth hormone secretion systems, safe and optimal blood levels are always achieved, with no need for blood testing.

Cloud Nine HGH has been shown to improve mood and cognitive function in as little as five to seven days in blind clinical trials. The same clinical trials showed a statistically significant loss in body fat of up to twenty five percent after six to eight weeks of appropriate use, as well as a corresponding loss in body weight. Simultaneously, lean body mass was retained in all trial subjects, and many experienced an increase in muscle mass of up to ten percent. Few side effects were noted, and these were generally mild, consisting of temporary joint and muscle aches.


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