Airsoft Ammo

Gas and CO2

The majority of gas guns on the market take the propellant green gas. Green gas consists of propane and silicone oil. The added silicone allows the internal operating mechanisms to remain lubricated while being fired. Pure propane gas also works well as a propellant. Adapters for small disposable propane tanks allow you to fill your …

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Airsoft BBs

AirSOCOM carries a full line of Airsoft BBs including Flying Colors, Tokyo Marui and Firepower Premium. All airsoft BBs are not created equal so it is important to understand which BBs are best suited for your gun. Beginner spring powered guns can use lighter weight airsoft BBs usually .12 grams. These BBs are usually inexpensive …

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Airsoft Batteries

These Nickle metal hydride (NiMH) batteries can hold two to three times the capacity of nickle-cadmium (NiCd) batteries that are standard in most AEG’s. Additionally, these NiMH batteries run longer than stock batteries and don’t have the memory of NiCd’s. This means that you can recharge them whenever it’s convenient for you rather than having …

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