C9HGH vs Other Top HGH Products

Regulated by the hypothalamus of the brain and secreted by the pituitary gland, human growth hormone is one of only a select handful of “master regulators” in the body. By directly acting on cells and tissues, as well as by prompting other endocrine organs to secrete hormones such as insulin like growth factors 1 and 2, testosterone and estrogen, growth hormone controls a dazzling array of biological functions, including protein and fat metabolism, the regulation of lean muscle mass and fat tissue mass, blood cholesterol, glucose, and lipid levels, as well as bone mineralization, immune function, and cognitive processes such as attention, focus, memory, and mood. Unsurprisingly, growth hormone is therefore associated with many important body parameters, including weight, fat percentage, muscle strength, endurance, and stamina, rate of recovery and healing, as well as sexual function, immunity against common viral pathogens such as “the flu,” and feelings of well-being. Physiologic growth hormone declines over the decades is thought to be one of the main drivers of aging, and the undesirable bodily changes that come with aging. Fortunately, medical research has demonstrated that effects associated with growth hormone decline are reversible when its levels are corrected to normal levels, even for individuals where levels of growth hormone may have been suppressed for long periods of time.

Who Developed C9HGH

Developed by a leading team of clinical endocrinologists, pharmacologists, and laboratory biochemists, Cloud Nine HGH ( C9HGH ) is a unique blend of amino acids and precursor compounds available as a convenient oral supplement, now clinically proven after extensive double-blind trials to both raise blood levels of growth hormone, and to promote many of its beneficial effects. Unlike other top natural HGH supplements, subjects who were treated with C9HGH in rigorous clinical trials demonstrated statistically-significant increases in muscle mass and endurance (as measured by CT scanning and treadmill tests, respectively), as well as a reduction in the percentage of body fat by as much as twenty five percent (measured by densitometry). Users of C9HGH experienced these effects with as little as three to five weeks of use, and also reported subjective feelings of well-being, elevated mood, and increased attention. Nearly fifty percent of male users in the clinical trial also reported subjectively enhanced sexual function and stamina. These results have been borne out by post-marketing surveillance data and user reviews of this breakthrough supplement. Additionally, users have also noted deeper and more restorative sleep, and faster recovery from training and injuries, when they use Cloud Nine HGH supplement on a regular basis.

How C9HGH Compares to Other Top Products

Unlike other top natural HGH supplements, C9HGH can be taken conveniently via oral administration, and has been extensively characterized for safety and negative side effects in the clinical laboratory. This unique supplement is all natural, and designed for easy absorption via the gastrointestinal tract. It stimulates the pituitary to raise the body’s growth hormone levels at an appropriate natural rate, and to optimal levels. As a result, this supplement is completely safe, and appropriate for individuals in all states of health. Furthermore, in clinical trials less than two percent of all users noted any negative side effects. These were generally mild and confined to headaches and muscle pains, which dissipated after less than five days of continued treatment with this product.

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