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Can You Buy Legal HGH?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland. This hormone is responsible for a wide variety of effects within the body. These effects are primarily related to the repair, or generation of new cells in the body. The most prolific use of this hormone will come into play during a period of growth for lean muscle mass. It is a vital hormone in the body to resist the effects of aging, which is really nothing more than the body beginning to wear down through a lack of proper hormonal balance. Aging is not a foregone conclusions of people and it can be conclusively proven that a higher HGH level in the body leads to being healthier, stronger, and more virile.

As time marches on and people begin to grow older their biological clock begins to wind down and aging begins. Environmental effects and genetics are the links to when the worst aging declines begin. At the age of twenty most people will be able to generate up to six hundred micrograms of HGH per day. This number will drop to around half by the age of forty. An average production of around two hundred micrograms is not uncommon for a forty year old individual. When the average human being begins to reach the age of eighty years that same average individual might very well be happy just to be able to produce twenty-five micrograms per day.

Can I Buy Legal HGH?

To stop this dramatic loss there are products on the market that stimulate the anterior pituitary gland. These products are not human growth hormone in and of themselves but they provide the necessary building blocks and components to stimulate the renewed production of said hormone. There are also injections of a substance known as somatropin, which is synthetic human growth hormone. These injections do place a large quantity of human growth hormone directly into the body for immediate use. However, they are incredibly expensive. It is quite normal for a single six month series of injections to cost more than many people make in one year. The only way to buy legal HGH is through prescription as it is a controlled medical substance. However, many pharmaceutical companies have created natural HGH enhancement products on the market that convince the anterior pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormone. These can be purchased over the counter.

Buy Legal HGH Increasing Products

When you choose to buy legal HGH products the most popular and useful forms for these supplemental aids will be in either spray or pill form. HGH Sprays, such as Sytropin, are known to be fast acting while HGH pills, such as Genf20, are known to provide greater long term benefit. The choice between the two comes down the the specific needs of a given individual. Supplements come in different degrees of effectiveness and many of them are actually pure garbage. Unlike the two previously mentioned supplements, Sytropin and Genf20, many products are little more than expensive vitamins. To distinguish between junk supplements and the real thing it is important to check into each and every supplement you might be interested in taking prior to purchase. Usually a search online can help with this but not all websites can be trusted. If an advertisement seems too good to be true then most likely it is.

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