Airsoft Scopes, Lasers, and Lights

The introduction of the laser to combat has proved to be very successful. Easily mounted on most rail systems, lasers can be placed either on top of or below the barrel. A beam of light is sent out and appears as a dot. Just by placing the dot on a target the shooter is set for a direct hit. A Scope allows for a closer, brighter look at a target with a wider field of vision. Some scopes are adjustable allowing shooters to zoom in and out without changing lenses. Adjustments for bullet drop and wind speed can also be made with the same scope. Scopes also vary by the type of crosshair they use. Variations include the Fine Crosshair,Target Dot, Mil-Dot,and Modern Rangefinding. Make sure to use the right gun mount for the kind of scope being used. Scope rings must also be attached to ensure the the scope is attached securely and will be providing a reliable point of aim. Gun mounted flashlights can provide much needed light in dark tactical situations. Having a light mounted on your weapon gives you an extra hand and means your light is always pointed in the right direction.

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