Airsoft Grenades and Mines

Airsoft grenades and mines add to the realism of simulated combat and can give you a competitive edge. Airsoft Grenades are small anti-personnel weapons designed to be thrown by hand then explode after a short time. Airsoft hand grenades typically have a blast radius of 10 to 20 meters. An Airsoft grenade launcher is a weapon designed to launch a grenade greater distances, more accurately, and faster than a person could throw by hand. An airsoft grenade launcher can either come in the form of a stand-alone weapon or mounted under the barrel of a rifle, which is fired from the rifle’s muzzle.

Why You Should Have Airsoft Grenades

As previously mentioned, airsoft grenades add a sense or realism to any airsoft game, but more than that they are effective. Using a spring loaded mechanisim, airsoft grenades spray 30-40 bbs is a chaotic pattern that is sure to hit anyone it goes off near. Furthermore, airsoft grenades can use a small smoke disc that throws off a cloud when it detonates, giving it that much more ‘cool factor when using them. If you are a serious airsofter, make sure that you have at least one airsoft grenade on your tactical vest!

What Everyone Needs To Know About Airsoft Grenades

There is one, quite large, draw back to airsoft grenades. Almost all airsoft grenades come in 4 to 6 pieces, and when they go off things like the holding pin and top can be difficult to find after an intense battle. There have been countless airsofters who have only been able to use their grenades once because they were never able to find the pieces afterward. So, if you are going to go out looking to score some grenade kills, make sure to remember where you used it, and scourer the area for ALL of the parts so you can use it again in the future.

There is few things cooler than airsoft grenades and one of those things are airsoft grenade launchers. Most airsoft grenade launchers are either mounted on the tactical rails of assault rifles or standalone breach loading guns. These airsoft weapons use mock 40mm shells filled with airsoft bbs and green gas, and when they go off the spray almost 100 pellets at once. This fact means they are more like giant shotguns than actual grenade launchers, but they are a terrifying force on the battlefield none the less. If you are looking to wow your friends an airsoft grenade launcher is how to do it.

Airsoft Claymore Mines

Airsoft Claymore Mines are directional, anti-personnel weapons that can be detonated remotely or by a tripwire. Claymore mines are a force multiplier since they can be set by a single person then either left unattended or detonated remotely to ambush an approaching enemy. Typically airsoft claymore mines will cover a 45 to 60 degree area for up to 40 meters. These mines are reusable and easily operated.

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