A&K; Airsoft

A&K Airsoft Manufacturer makes a great line of airsoft guns and equipment. You can purchase guns from this company online at just about any airsoft gun website. Their guns range from the one hundreds to the upper three hundreds into the four hundreds. The guns are full metal electric guns with all the features you could dream of. The guns by A&K have taken a full turn around and are now more powerful to shoot harder, last longer and they even look more like the real thing.

A&K is bringing you the same guns you would be buying from the high end companies for a fraction of the price. All the same materials, same gun setup, shoots the same and lasts just as long, and for hundreds less. They build exquisit guns with great quality and detail that would have you believing you were looking at a high end gun. A&K even manufactures airsoft machine guns. These guns come with a bi-pod for stability, shoots 350 -380 feet per second, it holds 4000 rounds, the magazine autowinds with the gun when you pull the trigger and can be adjusted to shoot anywhere from 12-20 bb’s per second. That is an amazing airsoft gun and is only one of the great guns brought to you by A&K Manufacturer.

If you are looking for a gun to buy a beginner or a gun to buy an experienced airsoft gamer A&K is the company to seek out. They make full metal guns with precision and great attention to detail, they are of the best quality and look and perform just like the number one high end airsoft manufacturers. If you are trying to get the best bang for your buck you can not go wrong with A&K guns.

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