HGH Effects

Side Effects of HGH

Positive Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone Fables and myths of youth-restoring fountains and magical spells have been around since man could speak, and so has the desire to regain one’s youthful physical stature and mental state. For decades scientists and doctors poured over lab reports and test results, laboring into the wee hours of …

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HGH Side Effects

The Positive HGH Side Effects People all around are hearing about and witnessing the difference HGH or human growth hormone products are making in the lives of friends, family members and coworkers. But many are left wondering “What is HGH?” When people are younger the pituitary glands automatically make a special hormone that is responsible …

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HGH Effects on Men

The Effects of Herbal Human Growth Hormone Products in Men Human Growth Hormone or HGH is actually produced by the pituitary gland in your brain. It has several functions of which the most important one is accelerating and maintaining the growth level of humans. Children who show signs of stunted growth are also recommended HGH …

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