Airsoft Manufacturers

Selecting quality and good airsoft manufactures will assure receiving quality airsoft products. There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing which airsoft manufactures to give your business too. Examine the location of the factories, how well-known the company is in general and the distribution of the products. Airsocom not only carries Arisoft Pistols! …

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Airsoft Guns

The origins of airsoft guns is rooted in Japan during the 1980s. Since the early 1990’s the sport of airsoft has become an increasing popular activity in the United States. Just like any other emerging sport, the equipment for airsoft has vastly improved since the development of the game, and each year newer, more high …

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Welcome to the airSOCOM Airsoft Education Center. In this section of the site you can browse topics ranging from “what is it?” to “airsoft gun accuracy systems”. This portion of the site is meant to be a resource for you to utilize so you can make a highly informed decision about what airsoft gun will …

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